Essentials You Need For Uni Under £100

Essentials You Need For Uni Under £100

Back to school is finally upon us once again! To help out you parents who are rushing around to get the last bits before the term starts, we at HQ have put the ultimate list together for those of you whose children are off to university this year!

We know how pricey sending your kids off to uni can be so we thought we’d step in and create an ‘everything you need for uni for under £100’ guide! Thank us later!

We have everything covered from kitchen utensils to bedroom décor to stationary all at bargain prices.

set of plates and mugs on a kitchen counter


First up is getting their uni halls bedroom looking good because we all know how unappealing student halls look.

We have great duvet sets from just £7.99 that will brighten up the room and get the space looking cosy. Why not grab some throws whilst you’re at it for only £7.99, for those chilly nights or for some extra comfort!

sofa filled witth pillows with fairy lights thrown over it


On to the kitchen! We have a great selection of items for your freshers to get their chef skills on!

We have woks and sauce pans from £2.99 and a 16 piece cutlery set also at £2.99, giving the new uni students no choice but to cook proper meals! We suggest grabbing the bright and colourful crockery so they don’t get their cutlery mixed up.

With all that cooking going on, they’ll need to store all that food somewhere. We have lunchbox’s and food storage containers from 99p, so they can save money on food by taking their own lunch to uni!

Don’t forget to pick up some glasses and mugs from 99p to add to their essential uni list! They’ll need that cup of coffee every morning!

animated chef giving a thumbs up


Now that they’re flying the nest, the teens will have to make sure they are washing their dirty clothes and we have hampers for £4.99 and clothes airer's for £7.99, to make they have somewhere to put their laundry and gets dried properly. To make yourselves feel better, you can also grab washing powder at ridiculously cheap prices to make sure they have enough for the year!

Whilst we’re on the subject of keeping their clothes clean, grab some of our bath towels from £3.99 as you can never have too many towels!

University halls tend to have small rooms and not a lot of storage, which is why we also have that covered for you! Pick up our 4 drawer storage box for £12.99 to ensure everything is organized and they don’t end up having a messy room!

You can’t forget the little essentials either. Batteries are something everybody needs because they never know when they might be needed. A cable extension is also a necessity in a uni room! Having just a few plugs scattered in random places can be annoying, so why not pick one of ours up for £3.99 to keep all the cables together rather than having wires everywhere!

Last but not least, your teen is off to get a degree and how can they do that without basic stationary?  We have a huge variety of stationary from as little as 99p that every student needs to ensure they can take notes properly and can study at all times.

After a couple of weeks at university, they’re bound to get the dreaded fresher’s flu! Stock up on medicine from 19p to get them better in no time!

boy wrapped in a blanket shaking, with a thermometer in his mouth

With this guide on what to take to uni, your child will be set up in no time and you will have saved enough money to send off to them when they ask for more!

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