Back To School Lunch Ideas

Back To School Lunch Ideas

Running out of back to school lunch ideas? Don't worry, we’ve all been there:

The inevitable race against the clock on that first morning back to school to get their school lunches ready, along with your own desk lunch and snacks.

So we thought that not only should we make your morning easier by giving you some back to school lunch ideas,  we can also show off our fantastic new range of Disney Lunch Boxes too!

These back to school lunch ideas are easy peasey and contain ingredients that are cheap as well as simple to find in one our stores.

Made with interchangeable ingredients, you can easily substitute a food you dislike from our back to school lunch ideas with one that you do!

All you have to do is make these the night before, put inside the kids’ lunch boxes and voila, they’re ready to grab and go in the morning.

So here’s 3 Back To School Lunch Ideas for you to try at home:

The Mickey Mouse Lunch Box Mix 

4 salmon wraps with salad and fruit for back to school lunch ideas

You’ll need:


2 tortilla wraps


Cucumber slices

John West Wild Pacific Salmon 212g



1 banana

Peanut Butter

A couple of handfuls of oats

Optional nuts and maple syrup

Inspired by Mickey Mouse, we used red tomatoes with yellow seeds and pink salmon in homage to our fave character’s colours for a refreshing healthy wrap. Make sure to layer your ingredients carefully to avoid your wrap breaking. Layer on a little mayo first then add a couple of lettuce leaves with some tomato slices on top. Add a little salmon, then a couple of dollops of mayo with cucumber and add your final lettuce leaf. The idea is to get the minis eating more greens so all this layering will keep their back to School lunch from tasting too ‘green’ for their sweet taste buds.

Finally the important part is here: the wrapping. Stop your filling from spilling by folding the bottom half of the tortilla tightly, fold both sides to hold it in place then fold the top half to secure the side. Place in a sandwich bag so that the wrap sits on the side you’ve folded to push them down.

For a side snack, make some banana oat balls featured in our travel snacks blog, here’s our simple recipe that’s always a winner:

  • Mash your bananas with a fork
  • Stir in your maple syrup and peanut butter in the banana
  • Feel free to add extras like raisins, nuts, Nutella, chocolate chips, coconut, and more!
  • Add oats until mixture looks like it’s doughy enough to be shaped
  • Use your hands or an ice cream scoop to make them in to balls
  • Place in fridge overnight ready to grab in the morning

The Panini Disney Princess Lunch Box Mix

A tuna melt sandwich

You’ll need:


A panini or 2 slices of bread to toast

John West Tuna In Brine




Grated Cheese



Pink Panther Pink Wafer Biscuits

Strawberries with yoghurt dip

Okay so this one doesn’t have to be a panini, you can toast 2 slices of bread and it’ll still taste just as good. As always, spread your mayo on your bread or panini roll first, layer a little lettuce, and cucumber but leave some to the side. Add your tuna and drizzle a little grated cheese and some mayo in with the tuna. Now layer a bit of lettuce and some more cucumber – I know all this layering is a bit of work but the deliciousness is all in the details with Back To School lunches!

For some sides get some small food storage containers and use to store your strawberries, yogurt, cherries and pink wafers. Your little one will love dipping their strawberries in the yogurt while the biscuits can be eaten at break time if they’re peckish before lunch begins. The cherries on top (see what we did there?) will be add more of a sweet refreshing flavour to their palette as well as giving them one of their 5-a-day in their Back To School lunch!

The Spicy Spidey Senses Spiderman Lunch Box Mix 

A healthy back to school lunch idea of leftover pasta

You’ll need:

Main lunch

Leftover pasta or lasagne from the night before

Baked potato wedges from the night before



Velvet Chilli Crisps

Cherry tomatoes



Indulged in Italian food and now have tons of leftovers? This is the ultimate of our money saving back to school lunch ideas. All you need to do is save some pasta and wedges from the night before, pop it in the fridge then prepare your sides. Yes it’s THAT easy. It’s a hearty meal your kids will adore and it makes a nice change from constantly having sandwiches every day!

Gather your food storage containers again for this one and fill with some gorgeous sides like olives, salsa, celery, hummus, cherry tomatoes, and something crispy like nachos or a bag of Velvet Crisps for a bit of spice. Remember, pasta and potato based dishes are very filling so you don’t want to overload their back to school lunch box with carbs. As much we all love carbs, let’s keep these meals balanced by making the sides light and lush!

We hope you enjoy making these lunches as much as we do - Team Poundstretcher will probably be stealing some of these back to school lunch ideas for our desk lunches!!

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