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  • Essentials You Need For Uni Under £100

    Essentials You Need For Uni Under £100

    Back to school is finally upon us once again! To help out you parents who are rushing around to get the last bits before the term starts, we at HQ have put the ultimate list together for those of you whose children are off to university this year!

    We know how pricey sending your kids off to uni can be so we thought we’d step in and create an ‘everything you need for uni for under £100’ guide! Thank us later!

    We have everything covered from kitchen utensils to bedroom décor to stationary all at bargain prices.

    set of plates and mugs on a kitchen counter


    First up is getting their uni halls bedroom looking good because we all know how unappealing student halls look.

    We have great duvet sets from just £7.99 that will brighten up the room and get the space looking cosy. Why not grab some throws whilst you’re at it for only £7.99, for those chilly nights or for some extra comfort!

    sofa filled witth pillows with fairy lights thrown over it


    On to the kitchen! We have a great selection of items for your freshers to get their chef skills on!

    We have woks and sauce pans from £2.99 and a 16 piece cutlery set also at £2.99, giving the new uni students no choice but to cook proper meals! We suggest grabbing the bright and colourful crockery so they don’t get their cutlery mixed up.

    With all that cooking going on, they’ll need to store all that food somewhere. We have lunchbox’s and food storage containers from 99p, so they can save money on food by taking their own lunch to uni!

    Don’t forget to pick up some glasses and mugs from 99p to add to their essential uni list! They’ll need that cup of coffee every morning!

    animated chef giving a thumbs up


    Now that they’re flying the nest, the teens will have to make sure they are washing their dirty clothes and we have hampers for £4.99 and clothes airer's for £7.99, to make they have somewhere to put their laundry and gets dried properly. To make yourselves feel better, you can also grab washing powder at ridiculously cheap prices to make sure they have enough for the year!

    Whilst we’re on the subject of keeping their clothes clean, grab some of our bath towels from £3.99 as you can never have too many towels!

    University halls tend to have small rooms and not a lot of storage, which is why we also have that covered for you! Pick up our 4 drawer storage box for £12.99 to ensure everything is organized and they don’t end up having a messy room!

    You can’t forget the little essentials either. Batteries are something everybody needs because they never know when they might be needed. A cable extension is also a necessity in a uni room! Having just a few plugs scattered in random places can be annoying, so why not pick one of ours up for £3.99 to keep all the cables together rather than having wires everywhere!

    Last but not least, your teen is off to get a degree and how can they do that without basic stationary?  We have a huge variety of stationary from as little as 99p that every student needs to ensure they can take notes properly and can study at all times.

    After a couple of weeks at university, they’re bound to get the dreaded fresher’s flu! Stock up on medicine from 19p to get them better in no time!

    boy wrapped in a blanket shaking, with a thermometer in his mouth

    With this guide on what to take to uni, your child will be set up in no time and you will have saved enough money to send off to them when they ask for more!

    Like what you see? Get fresher’s week uni essentials at your local Poundstretcher, find yours here and check our amazing value back to uni range! Use #Poundstretcher on Twitter and Instagram so we can check out your Poundstretcher goods.  

  • The Great Budget Bake Off!

    The Great Budget Bake Off!

    It’s the moment we’ve all been baking for ladies, gents, and everyone in between: The Great British Bake Off is returning to our screens!!

    A lot has happened since Nadiya Hussain won the last season:  Mary Berry’s infamous floral jackets are now the height of high street fashion, Nadiya has a book epically titled ‘The Chronicles Of Nadiya’, and Paul Hollywood is… well he’s still being Paul Hollywood really.

    Slices of a pecan pie

    On August 24th we’ll get to see the next batch of contestants bake off for the prestigious title of the best baker!

    To celebrate the return of our favourite show, we thought we’d get in on the fun and hold our very own ‘Great Buyer Bake Off’!!

    Five members of our buying team have bravely volunteered to put their baking skills to the test for the next three weeks to be in the running towards become the best buyer baker.

    But how will we decide the winners without Mary Berry?!

    A slice of Victoria sponge cake on a plate next to a cake with the buttercream and jam filling showing

    That’s why we need you lovely VIPs - Very Important Poundstretchers!

    Every week we’ll be posting pics and videos of each cake on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Our office will do the tasting though – sorry guys, technology has not advanced enough for us to send you a cake slice through social media!

    You can vote by telling us your favourite cake from our bake off by commenting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    We feel bad that you can’t eat the cakes so every voter will be automatically entered in to an online prize draw to WIN a £20 Poundstretcher voucher!

    We will pick one person at random each week, good luck to all who enter!

    Cherry topped muffins with pink frosting

    Our buyer bakers’ first challenge is to make a classic Victoria Sponge.

    All of the cake tins and accessories used are Poundstretcher’s very own! Because let’s face it, home baking on a budget tastes amazing and we wanted the buyer bakers to get creative (as well as cause chaos in the kitchen) to show that you can bake cheaply.

    So while you wait for your bread to rise and your cakes to bake, why not log on to our social media profiles and vote for your favourite Poundstretcher baker?

    Visit our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to drool over the buyer’s cakes for this week – don’t forget to like, share, and comment on your favourite to be in with the chance to WIN Poundstretcher vouchers!

    A raspberry cheesecake seen from above on a black background with a slice cut out

    Got baking on the brain? Pop in-store and check out our fantastic value range of home baking accessories from cake tins to whisks to self-raising flower and icing sugar. Find your nearest store here to get all your baking essentials!

  • SNEAK PEEK: Back To School And Uni Essentials

    SNEAK PEEK: Back To School And Uni Essentials

    September is looming so already you’re probably sorting that inevitable back to school shop!

    While some kids are stepping in to school for the first time, some are leaving the family home to begin their first week as a fresher.

    We've got plenty waiting for their first day at school all the way up to when they're sashaying in to seminars.

    So we thought we'd give you a bit of a sneak peak of our fantastic value back to school and back to uni ranges!

    Back To School Disney Stationery

    Poundstretcher HQ is going dotty for all things Disney this month! Just keep swimming over to your local Poundstretcher store as a wave of Dory products from Mini Bowling Sets to Deluxes Art Kits is set to surf over.

    We’re so excited to watch Finding Dory in the cinema, we’ll be looking out for our favourite forgetful-yet-unforgettable blue fish and her fishy friends like Nemo while watching!

    a boy and a girl sat at a table colouring with Disney Art Kits

    Our Disney Art Sets are packed full of stationery supplies that will complete their back to school kit nicely starting from a bargain £3.99! From Frozen and Disney Princesses to Finding Dory, these kits will be not only the perfect back to school run-up boredom buster but will keep their school bag topped up.

    Fresh Pjs For The New School Term

    Chances are your little one is probably going to be getting used to going to bed a bit earlier ready for when school starts again.

    For some parents, bedtime is a nightmare and if they had a quid every time they heard ‘I don’t want to go to bed’ they’d be millionaires! Make bedtime a bit more appealing so they can rest up before they go back to school, with some new pyjamas?

    Disney Princess Pjs with 2 girls posing in their faves from the range

    We have a lovely selection of kids PJs adorned with some adorable designs featuring Disney princesses and Star Wars characters!

    Your little princess will love the aquatic themed Little Mermaid pyjamas while your little one who dreams of heading to the world of Peter Pan will be enchanted by our value Tinkerbell nightwear.

    Get your junior Jedi counting light sabers as they dream of a galaxy far, far away with these Star Wars PJs.

    Star Wars Pyjamas for kids ready for the back to school season

    Each design starts from £3.99 and is available in sizes for tiny 11/12 month olds all the way up to 11/12 years old.

    Back To University Season

    With A – Level results approaching, it can only mean one thing at Poundstretcher: uni home essentials.

    The Poundstretcher back to uni range including bedding, storage, desk lamp, fitted sheets and more

    Whether you’re moving to a new student house or flying the nest for fresher’s week, we’ve got some amazing bargains waiting for you.

    Wrap up with our Snug As A Pug Bedding Sets while dreaming of your gap year with our Cityscape and World Clock Duvet Covers, each from £7.99!

    It's always a struggle to keep your student digs tidy while juggling all those assignments.

    With our Underbed Storage Boxes at £3.99 each and Storage Baskets each just £4.99 are affordable value pieces that will keep your papers, extra home essentials and more out of sight but not out of mind.

    You can de-clutter but decorate your room to look chic with our bargain laundry hampers for just £7.99 that come in a variety of stylish designs.

    Back to uni storage boxes

    But most importantly, you want to make your uni house a home  that motivates you to get those grades to get that cap and gown. Then our Inspirational Wall Decals are perfect for you with their affordable value price at just £1.99.

    Check back next week for more of our Sneak Peeks on our blog! Like what you see? Get it in your local Poundstretcher, find yours here.

    Whether you're getting the kids back to school or if you're a soon to be fresher heading off to uni, use #Poundstretcher on Twitter and Instagram so we can check our your Poundstretcher swag. 

  • Back To School Lunch Ideas

    Back To School Lunch Ideas

    Running out of back to school lunch ideas? Don't worry, we’ve all been there:

    The inevitable race against the clock on that first morning back to school to get their school lunches ready, along with your own desk lunch and snacks.

    So we thought that not only should we make your morning easier by giving you some back to school lunch ideas,  we can also show off our fantastic new range of Disney Lunch Boxes too!

    These back to school lunch ideas are easy peasey and contain ingredients that are cheap as well as simple to find in one our stores.

    Made with interchangeable ingredients, you can easily substitute a food you dislike from our back to school lunch ideas with one that you do!

    All you have to do is make these the night before, put inside the kids’ lunch boxes and voila, they’re ready to grab and go in the morning.

    So here’s 3 Back To School Lunch Ideas for you to try at home:

    The Mickey Mouse Lunch Box Mix 

    4 salmon wraps with salad and fruit for back to school lunch ideas

    You’ll need:


    2 tortilla wraps


    Cucumber slices

    John West Wild Pacific Salmon 212g



    1 banana

    Peanut Butter

    A couple of handfuls of oats

    Optional nuts and maple syrup

    Inspired by Mickey Mouse, we used red tomatoes with yellow seeds and pink salmon in homage to our fave character’s colours for a refreshing healthy wrap. Make sure to layer your ingredients carefully to avoid your wrap breaking. Layer on a little mayo first then add a couple of lettuce leaves with some tomato slices on top. Add a little salmon, then a couple of dollops of mayo with cucumber and add your final lettuce leaf. The idea is to get the minis eating more greens so all this layering will keep their back to School lunch from tasting too ‘green’ for their sweet taste buds.

    Finally the important part is here: the wrapping. Stop your filling from spilling by folding the bottom half of the tortilla tightly, fold both sides to hold it in place then fold the top half to secure the side. Place in a sandwich bag so that the wrap sits on the side you’ve folded to push them down.

    For a side snack, make some banana oat balls featured in our travel snacks blog, here’s our simple recipe that’s always a winner:

    • Mash your bananas with a fork
    • Stir in your maple syrup and peanut butter in the banana
    • Feel free to add extras like raisins, nuts, Nutella, chocolate chips, coconut, and more!
    • Add oats until mixture looks like it’s doughy enough to be shaped
    • Use your hands or an ice cream scoop to make them in to balls
    • Place in fridge overnight ready to grab in the morning

    The Panini Disney Princess Lunch Box Mix

    A tuna melt sandwich

    You’ll need:


    A panini or 2 slices of bread to toast

    John West Tuna In Brine




    Grated Cheese



    Pink Panther Pink Wafer Biscuits

    Strawberries with yoghurt dip

    Okay so this one doesn’t have to be a panini, you can toast 2 slices of bread and it’ll still taste just as good. As always, spread your mayo on your bread or panini roll first, layer a little lettuce, and cucumber but leave some to the side. Add your tuna and drizzle a little grated cheese and some mayo in with the tuna. Now layer a bit of lettuce and some more cucumber – I know all this layering is a bit of work but the deliciousness is all in the details with Back To School lunches!

    For some sides get some small food storage containers and use to store your strawberries, yogurt, cherries and pink wafers. Your little one will love dipping their strawberries in the yogurt while the biscuits can be eaten at break time if they’re peckish before lunch begins. The cherries on top (see what we did there?) will be add more of a sweet refreshing flavour to their palette as well as giving them one of their 5-a-day in their Back To School lunch!

    The Spicy Spidey Senses Spiderman Lunch Box Mix 

    A healthy back to school lunch idea of leftover pasta

    You’ll need:

    Main lunch

    Leftover pasta or lasagne from the night before

    Baked potato wedges from the night before



    Velvet Chilli Crisps

    Cherry tomatoes



    Indulged in Italian food and now have tons of leftovers? This is the ultimate of our money saving back to school lunch ideas. All you need to do is save some pasta and wedges from the night before, pop it in the fridge then prepare your sides. Yes it’s THAT easy. It’s a hearty meal your kids will adore and it makes a nice change from constantly having sandwiches every day!

    Gather your food storage containers again for this one and fill with some gorgeous sides like olives, salsa, celery, hummus, cherry tomatoes, and something crispy like nachos or a bag of Velvet Crisps for a bit of spice. Remember, pasta and potato based dishes are very filling so you don’t want to overload their back to school lunch box with carbs. As much we all love carbs, let’s keep these meals balanced by making the sides light and lush!

    We hope you enjoy making these lunches as much as we do - Team Poundstretcher will probably be stealing some of these back to school lunch ideas for our desk lunches!!

    For more of our Back To School range, visit our website now and find your nearest store here.

    Made one of our back to school lunch ideas or picked up one of our new Disney and Marvel lunch boxes for just 99p?


    Back To School Lunch Boxes By Disney And MarvelTag us on Facebook, use #Poundstretcher in your Instagram caption or tweet us @Poundstretcher1 and we'll share the top Back To School lunch ideas!!

  • Back To School: The Essential Guide

    Back To School: The Essential Guide

    August here which means it’s time to start preparing for the back to school season coming up!

    Whether you’re sending the kids back to the books or helping the little ones begin their first big step through the school gates, back to school season is super stressful for any parent and child.

    So we thought we’d make things a bit easier and help you get them back to school with all their essentials and without tears!

    Wake ‘em up before they go go back to school…

    School kids running in the playground

    Unless your child is an early riser, chances are you’ve all been enjoying sleeping a bit later during the Summer season.

    July might have been the time where sitting in your PJs til 11am seemed like a good idea but when you’re preparing your child to be in those school gates by 8.45am, the struggle suddenly gets real.

    Start their school bedtime routine early in the month by gradually pushing it back half an hour each week. This way it won’t be such a shock to their (or your) systems when it’s time to rise and shine at the crack of dawn to head back to school.

    Have a speedy lunch schedule… 

    Decorative sandwich with star and smiley face

    Food storage like lunch boxes shouldn’t have to be boring, especially with our ace Disney Princess and Mickey Mouse Lunch Boxes. This is especially true if your little one is just starting school, seeing something familiar like their favourite cartoon character can be comforting as well as a great ice breaker to get them making new friends.

    Believe it or not, it’s possible to have a healthy packed lunch that’s also quick! All you need is the usual sandwich ingredients and a bit of creativity! Using cookie cutters to make shapes with sandwiches and their ingredients, putting stickers on their sandwich wrapping, and a little handwritten note will give your child something to smile about – especially if they’re finding going back to school a bit too overwhelming.

    It’s a quirky twist on the staple sandwich pack up that takes no time at all and really makes a difference to their day.

    Make their kit magical 

    School children drawing outdoors in art class

    Stuck on what to get in the stationery aisle? In bumper art kits you can get all the essentials your new Primary school starter needs as well as a few optional bits and bobs they can leave at home for half term activities.

    For starting and heading back to school your child will need:

    • Blue pens
    • Black pens
    • Felt tips
    • Colouring pencils
    • Pencils for writing/drawing
    • Crayons
    • A Ruler
    • Protractor (older Primary age children)
    • A compass
    • Safety scissors
    • An eraser
    • A pencil case to store everything in

    Our Disney art sets are a wonderful way to kickstart their school kit! Available in Deluxe and Ultimate, your little one will have their key essentials like colouring pens and felt tips to get them through their studies as well as a few extras (hello glitter glue) to make their home time fun! With characters from Finding Dory and Frozen available, they’re affordable big brand sets that will be a lovely little conversation starter in class to bring your shy little one out of their shell. Once you’ve got their essentials, you can build on their kit for more specific items like a protractor or a compass without breaking the bank!

    Looking for back to school bargains? Find your nearest Poundstretcher here and check out our incredible low prices on food, drink, home essentials, toys, games and more!

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