SALE SNEAK PEEK: How To Spruce Up Your Home For £120

SALE SNEAK PEEK: How To Spruce Up Your Home For £120

It may not start for another 2 weeks but we can’t wait any longer!

We’re so excited about our big warehouse clearance sale that we’re giving you a sneak peek!

You don’t need to be made of money if you’re revamping your home or moving to a new one.

Whether you’re heading to student digs in September when you start university to renting your very first home on your own, living on a shoe string should never mean you have to go without.

You can have that vintage style bedroom from the magazines, the big brand fluffy pillows of your dreams, actual storage boxes that look attractive instead of like a JCB, and even a kitchen that queen Nigella herself would be proud of.

That’s why we decided to get frugal and thrifty so you don’t have to.

For a total just shy of £120, you can spruce up your home while having all of your essentials.

We’re talking bedding, storage boxes, brand name cookware, as well as some sweet little bits and bobs to add a cosy vibe to your humble abode.

Here are our top picks to make over each room of your home for under £30 with our faves from our warehouse clearance starting July 28th:

The Bed Necessities

Silent Night bedding and reversible duvet set from Poundstretcher

Your bedroom is top priority because it’s your sanctuary and the place where your dreams run wild. So you need your basics before we get in to the nitty pretty bit! Our Silent Night Pillows 4 Pack (£12.99) and 2 Pack Pillow Cases (£1.99) will make sure you are comfy when you start dozing off. Along with our nifty Reversible Duvet Set (From £4.99) and Fitted Sheets (£3.99) available in a wide range of colours, your bedding basics are all you need to drift off to the land of nod

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’? 

Food storage container like Microwavable Pot, Pyrex Cookware, Tea Towels and more,

You’re going to want to entertain guests at home, after all you’re the host/hostess! So you need to have a delicious recipe and the correct equipment. You want your meals to pan out well so you’re going to want to get off to a frying good start. Available in 20cm (£2.99), 24cm (£3.99), and 28cm (£6.99) sizes, our Ceramic Frying Pans are perfect for everyday meals and are also brilliant for when you’re showing off your culinary skills to friends and family. Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to go without your favourite brands, our Pyrex Set Of 3 Roasters is not only a versatile piece of cookware but is also a bargain at £7.99! And when you’re completely stuffed but want to save those leftovers for lunch the next day, you can use your Pyrex roasters and our Microwavable Pots 3L (£1.99) to pop them in the fridge to cook them the next day! With all this kitchenware, you’re going to be doing a lot of washing up. Our Microfibre Tea Towels 4 PK (£1.99) will help cover the drying up part and are great for not leaving any smears on glasses and roasters.

Retro Fabulous

Our large photo frames, retro bedding, and household accessories and storage from the Poundstretcher Clearance Sale

Now for the beautifying bit! Living on a budget doesn’t mean your home can’t look cosy, inviting, and even chic! Vintage style is bang on trend right now so why not add some subtle retro hints to your home with our fab accessories range? Start small with Wicker Hearts (£6.99) and the Multi App Frame (£5.99) if you want something subtle for a cosy vibe. The Promo Lamp (£3.99) will light up your room with its bold colour and bright light while the Vintage Foldable Laundry Hamper (£4.99) will make a statement with its Parisian inspired design. The piece de resistance however is our duvet sets available in a double at £7.99 or king size for £9.99. Our Floral Wild Birds Duvet Set is perfect for outdoorsy types who love nature while the Vintage Floral Camera Duvet Set will be on the wish list of everyone with a serious case of wanderlust!

Laundry And Storage 

Home storage and laundry accessories by Poundstretcher

Whether it's for dirty washing, toys or for the clutter that we need but have no idea where to put, our Under Bed Storage Boxes (£3.99) are the perfect solution for your home tidy up mission. They're able to hold a whopping 3 litres so you can organise, tidy and then re-clutter your home to your heart's content! For when you need to lug your laundry downstairs or to the local launderette, the Jumbo Laundry Basket (£1.79) will keep your threads from going astray. They're brilliant for separating colours and whites so it might be a good idea to buy a pair for extra washing storage. When you've dried your clothes on the 3 Tier Airer (£12.99) and ironed them on the Table Top Ironing Board (£4.99) it'll be easier for you to pack smaller garments like socks, underwear, swimwear etc in the 4 Drawer Tower (£12.99). It's neutral toned and handy so it won't be much of an eye sore in your home. Not only will all your bits and bobs be in organised home storage, your clothes will be clean and tidied away!

So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest Poundstretcher here and pop in to join the bargain hunt in our fabulous clearance sale!