7 Signs You're Addicted To Coffee

7 Signs You're Addicted To Coffee

Are you cuckoo over coffee? Can’t go a day without that sweet nectar of the gods?

You may have a problem.

It’s going to be okay because the first step to breaking a habit is admitting you have a problem… a delicious, smooth, rich, creamy, cup of a problem.

We’re probably the worst people to lecture you about bad habits, we LOVE coffee here at Poundstretcher HQ.

It’s one of the reasons we like giving it to you for such a bargain price!

Despite all of us loving coffee a bit too much, let’s at least warn others of this affliction.

So while we go and top up our brew, why don’t you read through these 7 signs you’re obsessed with coffee to see if you’re truly a coffee-holic.

  1. Coffee is the first thing you think about when you wake up 

A coffee cup with 'Good Morning' written in the foam and a pile of coffee beans in the shape of a heart

Especially when you’re an early riser awake who needs to be out the house by 6am. Coffee is something that’s often used to keep us going throughout the day but why do we feel so energised after drinking it? Caffeine has a total of 2 calories which means it contains hardly any energy boosting properties or nutritional value.That coffee buzz you feel after an espresso is because caffeine stimulates your brain’s wires to wake up your mind. So while you think you can do ten marathons after 1 cup, in reality your muscles are gaining zero energy.

  1. You have your very own cupboard full of espresso cups and a ‘special mug’ for the really good stuff…

A coffee cup with a heart design inside the drink

…while guests are relegated to the peasants’ cupboard for their bog standard brew.

  1. Some people want to go wine tasting but your dream is coffee tasting.

A selection of coffees, cappuccinos and lattes with a bowl of coffee beans

It would be the ultimate excuse to have multiple cups of heavenly coffee. Because one cup and one type of roast is never enough. I can guarantee your brain is now probably imagining giant pools of 100% Arabica dark roast coffee. Okay, maybe Team Poundstretcher’s brains are... please don't judge us.

  1. Speaking of alcohol, your drink of choice is an espresso martini…

A wine glass full of coffee beans

Your favourite dessert is coffee cake and you’re always the first one to reach for the coffee flavoured chocolates in the box. Anyone else actually getting hold of some coffee with you about is playing a losing game.

  1. You’ve got more than one fancy pants coffee machine. 

Latte art that looks like a cute panda

Sure you have the kids, the marriage, and the car but you didn’t feel truly alive until you got your Nescafe coffee machine. You haven’t made it in life until you can enjoy every layer of a macchiato without leaving the house.

  1. If there’s no coffee left, you’ve been known to reach for the Coca-Cola after a brief meltdown.

Coca - Cola cans and soda in two glasses

Let’s face it, when you go without coffee your wobblers make your 3 year old’s tantrums look like Christmas. Coca-Cola may pacify your caffeine craving but it’s no cappuccino.

  1. The first person or object you’d save in a fire? Coffee. Every time. 

An anxious man clinging on to a coffee cup

And you know what? You’re not even the least bit sorry that you’d protect your precious Tassimo coffee stash first. To some this is the true sign of a coffee addict but you don’t think you’re obsessed at all – you’re just too dedicated for decaf!

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