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  • Simple Summer Snacks For Family Trips

    Simple Summer Snacks For Family Trips

    The Summer holidays are officially here!

    You’ve probably got lots of fun and exciting Summer holiday activities planned so you’re bound to be doing a lot of travelling across the UK during the next 6 weeks.

    And we all know what that means.

    The familiar sounds of ‘are we there yet’ from the back seats, endless queuing, and of course the inevitable expensive snacks.

    We’ve all been there: you head off to a fair ground or a wildlife park to have a cracking time with the family and suddenly you’re broke for the Summer because a few hot dogs have made you dip in to your overdraft.

    We’re all about saving those pennies and pounds – after all it’s why we’re called Poundstretcher!

    So we thought we’d give you some simple snacks that won’t cost you more than your day out itself!

    Snacks for peckish parents...

    Parents driving in the car with child in back seat

    Running after the kids, keeping granny and grandad out of trouble, and of course let’s not forget making sure your other half is still trailing behind you all is not an easy task. So you’re going to need to remember to eat amongst the chaos and keep your strength up!

    Chances are you’re going to be leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning which means you have to wake up the mini ones and make sure they’re ready on time. You’re going to need a lot of snacks and tons of coffee. Not just any coffee though, you need a sumptuously rich nectar of the gods that will make your soul thank the heavens for those finely ground little beans. In other words, your old friend Douwe Egberts Coffee Pure Indulgence Coffee (£3.99) will keep you awake for the long day. It's strength is measured 4 out of 5 so it'll definitely put a spring in your step! Pick up one of our witty Stainless Steel Travel Mugs for just £1.99 so your coffee stays hot to keep your head cool during the Summer shenanigans.

    If you’ve skipped breakfast, reach for the Go Ahead Yoghurt Break 5 PK (£1.00) just before the big drive for a quick bite. Half way there if you can’t  bear to listen to the kids arguing in the back of the car anymore, open up some Cadbury Crunchie Rocks (£1.00) so your chomping will mute their noise! Snacks the way to handle a stressful road trip!

    For the kids:

    Three Cute Ginger Red Haired Children Wearing Heart Sunglasses In Car

    It’s typical that you’ll get 30 minutes in to the drive and suddenly hear a small voice in the back seat say ‘I’m hungry’. If it’s still early in the morning, a Cadbury Brunch Bar (6 pack for £1.00) is a fantastic way to keep their energy up and the dreaded hunger at bay. After all, it’s not fun being trapped in a car with hangry kids!

    For a sweet pick me up, why not reach for the Oreos Original Biscuits (4 pack for £1.00)? It’s an American classic that’s taken the UK by storm with its sweet cocoa biscuit and creamy filling, plus they come in mini packs in the box so the little ones will be too busy munching to moan and whinge!

    Make sure you give everyone a Robinson’s Fruit Shoot Apple 4 PK (£1.00) half way through your road trip when you know you’re going to stop for petrol soon. Trust me, you do not want any accidents or screaming for the toilet from your tots when you’ve only just set off.

    If the kids are a bit peckish but you’re almost at your Summer day getaway, open up a bag of Scooby Doo Binky Bites (£1.49) to share.  Their fruity filling will be a major hit with the kids and they’re small enough to not spoil their lunch or dinner luckily. Jinkies, prepare for plenty of Scooby and Shaggy impressions coming from the back seat and your other half though zoiks!

    Healthy homemade snacks:

    Trying to eat healthy doesn’t have to be impossibly expensive or hard. So gather up your food storage containers and Tupperware, here’s some quick and easy speedy snacks to boost your energy:

    Banana Energy Balls  

    Banana Oat Ball Snacks


    Mashed Bananas


    1 Tsp Maple Syrub

    1 Tbsp Peanut Butter


    • Mash your bananas with a fork
    • Stir in your maple syrup and peanut butter in the banana
    • Feel free to add extras like raisins, nuts, Nutella, chocolate chips, coconut, and more!
    • Add oats until mixture looks like it’s doughy enough to be shaped
    • Use your hands or an ice cream scoop to make them in to balls
    • Place in fridge overnight ready to grab in the morning

    Roasted Chickpea Crisps

    Roasted Chickpea Snacks


    1 can of chickpeas

    Paprika seasoning

    Garlic Seasoning


    Olive Oil


    • Open can of chickpeas, drain, rinse under the tap, and dry them
    • Sprinkle 1 - 2 tbsp of olive oil on them
    • Add the seasoning of your choice. I’ve gone with salt, garlic, and paprika but you can choose whatever takes your fancy!
    • Bake at 300-400 degrees until nice and crispy. Don’t be afraid to put them in for longer if needed.
    • Put in a food storage container and set off on your road trip


    Enjoy family time during the Summer holidays! If you'd like to get some road trip snacks, visit our website here to find your nearest store.

    Made some of our healthy Summer snacks? Tag us on Instagram with #Poundstretcher and we'll repost the best!

  • SALE SNEAK PEEK: How To Spruce Up Your Home For £120

    SALE SNEAK PEEK: How To Spruce Up Your Home For £120

    It may not start for another 2 weeks but we can’t wait any longer!

    We’re so excited about our big warehouse clearance sale that we’re giving you a sneak peek!

    You don’t need to be made of money if you’re revamping your home or moving to a new one.

    Whether you’re heading to student digs in September when you start university to renting your very first home on your own, living on a shoe string should never mean you have to go without.

    You can have that vintage style bedroom from the magazines, the big brand fluffy pillows of your dreams, actual storage boxes that look attractive instead of like a JCB, and even a kitchen that queen Nigella herself would be proud of.

    That’s why we decided to get frugal and thrifty so you don’t have to.

    For a total just shy of £120, you can spruce up your home while having all of your essentials.

    We’re talking bedding, storage boxes, brand name cookware, as well as some sweet little bits and bobs to add a cosy vibe to your humble abode.

    Here are our top picks to make over each room of your home for under £30 with our faves from our warehouse clearance starting July 28th:

    The Bed Necessities

    Silent Night bedding and reversible duvet set from Poundstretcher

    Your bedroom is top priority because it’s your sanctuary and the place where your dreams run wild. So you need your basics before we get in to the nitty pretty bit! Our Silent Night Pillows 4 Pack (£12.99) and 2 Pack Pillow Cases (£1.99) will make sure you are comfy when you start dozing off. Along with our nifty Reversible Duvet Set (From £4.99) and Fitted Sheets (£3.99) available in a wide range of colours, your bedding basics are all you need to drift off to the land of nod

    What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’? 

    Food storage container like Microwavable Pot, Pyrex Cookware, Tea Towels and more,

    You’re going to want to entertain guests at home, after all you’re the host/hostess! So you need to have a delicious recipe and the correct equipment. You want your meals to pan out well so you’re going to want to get off to a frying good start. Available in 20cm (£2.99), 24cm (£3.99), and 28cm (£6.99) sizes, our Ceramic Frying Pans are perfect for everyday meals and are also brilliant for when you’re showing off your culinary skills to friends and family. Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to go without your favourite brands, our Pyrex Set Of 3 Roasters is not only a versatile piece of cookware but is also a bargain at £7.99! And when you’re completely stuffed but want to save those leftovers for lunch the next day, you can use your Pyrex roasters and our Microwavable Pots 3L (£1.99) to pop them in the fridge to cook them the next day! With all this kitchenware, you’re going to be doing a lot of washing up. Our Microfibre Tea Towels 4 PK (£1.99) will help cover the drying up part and are great for not leaving any smears on glasses and roasters.

    Retro Fabulous

    Our large photo frames, retro bedding, and household accessories and storage from the Poundstretcher Clearance Sale

    Now for the beautifying bit! Living on a budget doesn’t mean your home can’t look cosy, inviting, and even chic! Vintage style is bang on trend right now so why not add some subtle retro hints to your home with our fab accessories range? Start small with Wicker Hearts (£6.99) and the Multi App Frame (£5.99) if you want something subtle for a cosy vibe. The Promo Lamp (£3.99) will light up your room with its bold colour and bright light while the Vintage Foldable Laundry Hamper (£4.99) will make a statement with its Parisian inspired design. The piece de resistance however is our duvet sets available in a double at £7.99 or king size for £9.99. Our Floral Wild Birds Duvet Set is perfect for outdoorsy types who love nature while the Vintage Floral Camera Duvet Set will be on the wish list of everyone with a serious case of wanderlust!

    Laundry And Storage 

    Home storage and laundry accessories by Poundstretcher

    Whether it's for dirty washing, toys or for the clutter that we need but have no idea where to put, our Under Bed Storage Boxes (£3.99) are the perfect solution for your home tidy up mission. They're able to hold a whopping 3 litres so you can organise, tidy and then re-clutter your home to your heart's content! For when you need to lug your laundry downstairs or to the local launderette, the Jumbo Laundry Basket (£1.79) will keep your threads from going astray. They're brilliant for separating colours and whites so it might be a good idea to buy a pair for extra washing storage. When you've dried your clothes on the 3 Tier Airer (£12.99) and ironed them on the Table Top Ironing Board (£4.99) it'll be easier for you to pack smaller garments like socks, underwear, swimwear etc in the 4 Drawer Tower (£12.99). It's neutral toned and handy so it won't be much of an eye sore in your home. Not only will all your bits and bobs be in organised home storage, your clothes will be clean and tidied away!

    So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest Poundstretcher here and pop in to join the bargain hunt in our fabulous clearance sale!

  • Simple Overnight Oats: Summer’s Coolest Breakfast

    Simple Overnight Oats: Summer’s Coolest Breakfast

    So the kids are preparing for the Summer holidays while you’re stuck in a rut for the final fortnight.

    When you’re trying to get the little ones ready for school, it’s easy to forget about something as important as breakfast.

    After all, it’s going to be a hectic 6 weeks trying to juggle work and child care so you're already stressing about it all.

    You need something quick, healthy, hearty, and cheap.

    Sounds too good to be true?


    Welcome to the wonderful world of overnight oats.

    3 Mason jars with yummr overnight oats recipes including banana, strawberry, and peanut butter

    Overnight oats have been taking the internet by storm and unlike traditional porridge that you need to stir on the stove for a good 20 minutes, the prep time for overnight oats is 10 minutes or less before you go to bed.

    Kids will also absolutely adore this healthy breakfast treat and they’ll love all the random colours you can make with this dish.

    However this grab-and-go breakfast on a budget is sure to help busy mums and dads like you to get your 5-a-day, calcium, and to stay energised until lunch time.

    Sometimes they’re called Summer oats because in the warmer seasons this brekkie can keep you cool.

    If the weather turns typically British with the cold and rain, you can just pop them in the microwave for a minute and a half for a hot comforting meal.

    All you need is:

    • Porridge oats (of course)
    • An air tight container like a Mason jar
    • Toppings
    • Milk, yogurt, water or a dairy alternative of your choice

    We’d recommend using a measuring jug to roughly measure out 200ml of your liquid and 35g of your oats but to be honest you can be flexible with how much you put in.

    The best part is that you can tweak the recipe to suit your tastes.

    Not sure what toppings you want? Here’s some of our favourite overnight oats recipes:

    1. The Cinnamon Staple

    A woman holding a spoonful of overnight oats


    • Desiccated coconut flakes
    • 200ml of milk or a dairy alternative of your choice
    • 35g or more of oats
    • 1tsp cinnamon
    • 1/2 tsp of sugar
    • Chopped banana

    A sweet breakfast that will fast become a staple in the kitchen, you’ll get a bit of your 5-a-day with the banana but can also treat yourself to a bit of sugar with that half tea spoon.  This recipe is so easy, even the mini ones can do it to help you out in the kitchen! Put all of your ingredients in the jar in no particular order – leave the banana out though! Put the lid on the Mason jar, shake it like a Polaroid picture, and leave overnight. When you wake up in the morning, give your oats a stir, chop a banana and add to the top.

    1. The Fruity Fresh One 

    A Mason jar with yogurt, blueberries, and oats


    • Yoghurt
    • Oats
    • Blueberries
    • Raspberries
    • Strawberries
    • Milk
    • ½ tsp sugar

    This one needs a bit of layering so it can look pretty! Layer your yogurt and oats one after the other, occasionally add chopped fruit to the yogurt layer. Mix and match your flavours but always remember to leave enough for your top layer to decorate it. Put the lid on and shake your Mason jar like you’re holding maracas, put it in the fridge, and leave it overnight. Add your fruit to the top in the morning!

    1. The Pecan Pie Porridge

    A Mason jar with pecans, bananas, and overnight oats


    • 1tbsp peanut butter
    • 1 tsp maple syrup
    • A handful of pecans
    • 1 mashed banana
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • Optional: A splash of milk or dairy alternative of your choice

    Is it a dessert or is it a breakfast? For everyone who has always wanted to eat cake for breakfast (hopefully not just us), this is a healthy overnight oats recipe that tastes like you’re indulging in a cheeky pudding. First you need to mash your banana up in a bowl – the spottier that nana is the better because that means it’s super sweet and ripe. Then add all of your other ingredients apart from the pecans to the mix and go stir crazy! Make sure that peanut butter is even, it’s easy to miss a spot in your jar. Shake your Mason jar like your busting out a Gangnam Style move, put it in the fridge, and leave it overnight. If you want your brekkie to be creamier, add a splash of milk to taste then stir before you leave it in the fridge. Remember the oats will swell and soak all of this mixture up so your Summer oats will be thicker in the morning after you’ve left them out, so don’t add too much milk because it’ll end up like a milkshake! In the morning, sprinkle some pecans on top, dig in, and enjoy!

    Want more delicious speedy breakfasts? Visit us online and browse our food section for your bargain hunting prep before heading in to your nearest store.

    Why not tag us with #Poundstretcher on Twitter and Instagram to show off your own overnight oats? We love seeing how creative you are!

  • Our July Garden Sale Top Picks!

    Our July Garden Sale Top Picks!

    Would July-ke some more bargains in your garden?

    Well, you’re in luck because we’re slashing the prices on our garden gear ready for Summer!!

    Okay so in typical British fashion, our Summer is a wash out one minute and a heatwave wipe out the next.

    At least with all that English rain your garden will be freshly watered throughout the season!

    We figured we’d give you a sneak peek at all the fabulous things you can get for your back garden for a bit of green inspiration.

    Check out our favourite July Garden Sale buys below:

    1. Gardman 4 Tier Green House 

    Was: £12.99    Now: £8.99

    Gardman 4 Tier Green House lifestyle and product images

    We love it when you send us all the tasty fruit and veg you’ve been growing, especially when you’ve used a greenhouse to make these healthy eating essentials. Our Gardman 4 Tier Green House is brilliant if you’re new to gardening and if your green fingers haven’t quite yet ripened up. For first time growers, we would recommend starting with something simple. Herbs like basil prove to be a good first try and they don’t take up a ton of room, so if you’re growing with the greenhouse on your balcony it’s a bit safer.

    1. Fruit Trees

    Was: £3.99   Now: £1.99

    A close up of red apples on an apple tree

    With all this ‘clean eating’ malarkey that’s on trend at the moment, you might want to think about investing in a Fruit Tree so you can save some money on fruit for your breakfast smoothie. Not only will you be getting a bit of your 5-a-day but you can also enjoy the benefits of growing your own! Studies show that gardening reduces stress and it’s also a wonderful way to teach children about nature as well as healthy eating. You could use it as a really sweet way of commemorating the birth of a new baby in the family by planting the tree in your garden and watching it grow taller alongside the little one. Even His Royal Highness Prince Charles loves to potter about with his plants! So go make a right royal mess in the garden and get growing those delicious fruits and veggies.

    1. Solar Lights 

    Starting from: £1.49

    5 friends relaxing in a garden party with some drinks and a guitar in the evening

    Planning a garden party or BBQ that looks likely to last from dusk til dawn? Make your garden glow with our gorgeous selection of solar lights at unbelievable low prices! The Deco Solar Lantern (£5.99) is the perfect patio table centrepiece for adding a bit of a 1920s Mediterranean vibe to your evening.

    Rustic silver garden solar lanterns

    For a bit of a Gothic tone the Solar Flickering Candle (£4.99) will let you enjoy a cosy candlelit night without worrying about it being a fire hazard. If you’re going more for a cute party atmosphere, the Solar String Bells (£4.99) will be more your cuppa tea. They can be hung up for a bellisimo background that’s Instagram worthy or put them inside one of our Mason jars for an adorable garden table light.

    Bell string fairy lights and a flickering faux candle, both solar powered garden lights

    1. Kids Gardening Tools

    From: 99p

    A mother an her child gardening together

    Half term is approaching which means you’re going to have 6 whole weeks with your favourite monsters in the whole world! That means all you mums and dads out there need to try to keep them occupied, which let’s face it with all these passing fads is even harder nowadays! So get them growing some fruit and veg, we’ve got some cheap Kid's Gardening Tools from 99p that will have them pitching in to help you out in the yard in no time! With their cute designs, your little ones won’t be able to resist planting their own little veggie patch.

    So pop in to say hello and join the bargain hunt! Find your nearest store here and why not show off your finds by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • 7 Signs You're Addicted To Coffee

    7 Signs You're Addicted To Coffee

    Are you cuckoo over coffee? Can’t go a day without that sweet nectar of the gods?

    You may have a problem.

    It’s going to be okay because the first step to breaking a habit is admitting you have a problem… a delicious, smooth, rich, creamy, cup of a problem.

    We’re probably the worst people to lecture you about bad habits, we LOVE coffee here at Poundstretcher HQ.

    It’s one of the reasons we like giving it to you for such a bargain price!

    Despite all of us loving coffee a bit too much, let’s at least warn others of this affliction.

    So while we go and top up our brew, why don’t you read through these 7 signs you’re obsessed with coffee to see if you’re truly a coffee-holic.

    1. Coffee is the first thing you think about when you wake up 

    A coffee cup with 'Good Morning' written in the foam and a pile of coffee beans in the shape of a heart

    Especially when you’re an early riser awake who needs to be out the house by 6am. Coffee is something that’s often used to keep us going throughout the day but why do we feel so energised after drinking it? Caffeine has a total of 2 calories which means it contains hardly any energy boosting properties or nutritional value.That coffee buzz you feel after an espresso is because caffeine stimulates your brain’s wires to wake up your mind. So while you think you can do ten marathons after 1 cup, in reality your muscles are gaining zero energy.

    1. You have your very own cupboard full of espresso cups and a ‘special mug’ for the really good stuff…

    A coffee cup with a heart design inside the drink

    …while guests are relegated to the peasants’ cupboard for their bog standard brew.

    1. Some people want to go wine tasting but your dream is coffee tasting.

    A selection of coffees, cappuccinos and lattes with a bowl of coffee beans

    It would be the ultimate excuse to have multiple cups of heavenly coffee. Because one cup and one type of roast is never enough. I can guarantee your brain is now probably imagining giant pools of 100% Arabica dark roast coffee. Okay, maybe Team Poundstretcher’s brains are... please don't judge us.

    1. Speaking of alcohol, your drink of choice is an espresso martini…

    A wine glass full of coffee beans

    Your favourite dessert is coffee cake and you’re always the first one to reach for the coffee flavoured chocolates in the box. Anyone else actually getting hold of some coffee with you about is playing a losing game.

    1. You’ve got more than one fancy pants coffee machine. 

    Latte art that looks like a cute panda

    Sure you have the kids, the marriage, and the car but you didn’t feel truly alive until you got your Nescafe coffee machine. You haven’t made it in life until you can enjoy every layer of a macchiato without leaving the house.

    1. If there’s no coffee left, you’ve been known to reach for the Coca-Cola after a brief meltdown.

    Coca - Cola cans and soda in two glasses

    Let’s face it, when you go without coffee your wobblers make your 3 year old’s tantrums look like Christmas. Coca-Cola may pacify your caffeine craving but it’s no cappuccino.

    1. The first person or object you’d save in a fire? Coffee. Every time. 

    An anxious man clinging on to a coffee cup

    And you know what? You’re not even the least bit sorry that you’d protect your precious Tassimo coffee stash first. To some this is the true sign of a coffee addict but you don’t think you’re obsessed at all – you’re just too dedicated for decaf!

    Got your hands on some of our incredible coffee at bargain low prices? Send us a pic on Instagram with #Poundstretcher in the caption.

    To stock up your kitchen cupboard with your beloved coffee, pop in to your nearest store and check our value Nescafe and Tassimo drink offers! Find your local Poundstretcher here.

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