What’s New Pussycat? It’s Adopt A Cat Month!

What’s New Pussycat? It’s Adopt A Cat Month!

From our partnership with the PDSA and our fab Pet Hut stores, it’s easy to see that Team Poundstretcher loves animals.

So we thought we’d focus on our fave felines this month because June is ‘Adopt A Cat’ month!

Infamous for being solitary, aloof, and generally treating us humans as if we are their personal servants, you’d be forgiven for mistakenly  thinking these fluff balls are not a companion animal.
A cat enjoying breakfast in bed


Maybe this stereotype has some truth.

But they’ll also sit on your knee, nudge your hand for scritches, defy gravity when they play with you, and look at you with those giant cat eyes full of love.

Not bad for an animal whose favourite hobbies include vengefully eating grass to throw up later, convincing you to feed them every 2 hours, and silently judging you.

So what do you need to know if you’re adopting a cat?

Cats should be adopted as the only kitty on campus, unless the other cat is a litter mate they've grown up with. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule sometimes but generally cats like their own company better. Sometimes they get along with dogs and other times they hate them, it really depends on the cat you’ve picked to adopt.

I already have a cat but want to adopt another one, should I?
An older cat meeting a kitten and sniffing their face to say hello

There’s a lot to consider with introducing cats for the first time. Older cats generally accept kittens easier than adult cats but be aware that your kitty might get a bit too much for your older puss to deal with. After all, they’re coping with a new feline face in your humble abode that’s got twice as much energy! Talk to your local animal shelter about it to see if they can suggest the right cat for you. Make sure both cats have separate beds, toys, and a space to chill out away from one another.

I adopted 2 kittens from the same litter… but they look nothing alike. Have I been given the wrong cat?

No you don’t need to be calling The Jeremy Kyle Show for a DNA test! Prepare to have your mind blown: cats from the same litter can have completely different fathers. Cat’s eggs can be fertilised separately by different males as well as all by the same male cat. So your cats could appear different because they may actually be half siblings!

Do they really sleep a lot?

A cute kitten sleeping

Prepare to be jealous of your cat because they can sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day on average!

Do cats need litter trays?

Cats can be trained to go outside when nature calls so it’s always handy to have a kitty flap so they can come and go. However if your landlord will not allow you to have a cat flap, don’t worry because there’s always a litter tray just in case  your cat doesn’t let you know when they want to go outside. As long as you have ultra-absorbent kitty litter and clean the tray twice a day then there’s no danger of any cat-astrophic smells filling your house.

Are cats really scared of dogs?
A St Bernard dog hugging two grey kittens

Some cats are. It depends on the individual, if you already have a dog it will be wise to chat to your local animal shelter about whether one of their cats is able to live with pet dogs and what their personality is like. If a kitten is raised with a dog though, they’re more likely to not be afraid.

Can cats live with babies?
A mother introducing her baby to a ginger kitten

There are many common fears about cats and babies that are blown out of proportion. The most common myth people talk about is whether their cat will harm their baby by thinking the cries are the sound of another cat or even laying on them. A lot of these fears come from folklore that cats are evil – in reality cats love warm cosy blankets and sometimes cuddling up to their owners as if they’re a human radiator! Be sensible but do not panic, just make baby’s bedroom off limits for your critter during nap time if you become too anxious about it. With any pet it is important to supervise your child while they interact. We’ve all been the victim of a young toddler’s curious drool drenched grabby hands, so imagine what it’s like for your feline friend who doesn't understand what’s happening!

Is it dangerous to be near a cat while pregnant?

No, cats are not dangerous to be around pregnant women. This stigma comes from a large amount of moral panic about cats and toxoplasmosis. It’s a parasite that can potentially be passed on to mum and baby if they’re cleaning a litter tray regularly. It’s transmitted to cats if they’re eating a bird infected with the parasite. Surprisingly it is easier for toxoplasmosis to be picked up by humans from meat and even soil when you’re doing a bit of gardening. It’s really rare with house cats but just in case you’re worried, simply use disposable gloves and wash your hands with anti-bacterial hand wash after cleaning the tray.

Do cats play?
A small kitten on a scratch post cat toy

Cats really enjoy playing! Toys that bring out their hunter gatherer instincts like balls with bells inside they can chase and kitty fishing rod toys make cats go crazy! When you play with your cat you see them in a new light because they behave how their feral ancestors did. It’s amazing to watch these little weirdos get in touch with their instincts!

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Still stuck about whether to adopt a cat? The PDSA has some fantastic advice on their homepage.

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