The A To Z Of What Makes Us Smile

The A To Z Of What Makes Us Smile

It’s National Smile Month!

National Smile Month is the UK’s big campaign to raise awareness about oral health and keeping your teeth squeaky clean.

Our smile is a way that we express our happiness, which is often overlooked when people talk about their gnashers.

So to celebrate National Smile Month, we thought we’d share an A-Z guide of the weird and wonderful things that make us smile:
A row of different smiles wearing lipstick

Awkward moments…because they’re funny, especially at glitzy award shows.Kanye West's infamous awkward moment at the MTV awards

Bed… because there’s nothing better than rolling ourselves up in bedding like a burrito.

Chocolate… a winning smile guaranteed!

Dogs… there’s too many reasons to list why!
Two women smiling with their dog on the grass

Eyebrows… because if they’re not on point it’s a deal breaker.

Friends and family… our two favourite F words!

Gardening… proven to lower stress and makes your yard look beautiful.

Hugs… a big bear hug always makes us smile after a bad day!

Ice lollies… guaranteed to make you smile, especially if they’re homemade.
3 Homemade Lollies

Jack and Jill Bench Set…because everyone seems to love it!

Knitting… it’s calming and also very necessary if you want to stay warm and stylish in a zombie apocalypse!

Leicester winning the Premier League… definitely made us smile.

Makeup… no matter what your gender, a good smoky eye is beautiful.

Nescafe… because it makes us smile from 9am until 5pm.

Oreos… because you can twist it, lick it, and dunk it!
A stack of chocolate biscuits

PDSA… their great work always makes our smiles beam with pride!

Queen… both the band and Her Majesty!

Reality TV… the trashier, the better.

Sunshine… don’t forget the sun cream though!

Tea… nothing beats a good cup of PG Tips in the morning.

Unicorns… we believe, do you?
Two unicorns with a cup of tea

Vacations… everyone needs a good holiday to unwind and see the world.

Weekends… because we get to sleep in, eat all the food, and relax!!

Xanadu… the cheesy Olivia Newton John film is a camp classic! I mean, roller skates and neon brights? Yes!

Yourself…try to find one thing each day about yourself that you like, you’re guaranteed to smile.

Zzzap… who else remembers this nineties kids TV show on CiTV?!

Be the reason someone smiles today illustration
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