How To Throw An EPIC Football Pizza Party

How To Throw An EPIC Football Pizza Party

So you want to throw an FA Cup party but don’t know where to start?

Well you’re in luck because Friday May 20th is Pizza Party Day!

As if we needed an excuse to eat our entire bodyweight in pizza.

And yes I know, I know: the FA Cup is on Saturday May 21st … which is why you should combine the two and create your very own FA Cup Pizza Party for when the match is on!

 Party planning is a lot of work.

But this is a pizza party which means you can make all your beloved friends and family do all the work! Save time cooking and have a build your own pizza contest. Ask them to text you their fave food and dietary requirements (vegan and gluten free buddies: we see you!) then prepare your kitchen for carnage.

A pizza base with tomato sauce and toppings around it

It’s probably going to get messy, there will be that one person who throws food, and your cute retro home may look a bit like a scene from a horror film. Do not despair if this unfortunate scenario occurs, if they want a food fight they’ll have to be the clean-up crew after all. Whether there’s a food fight or not, one thing is sure: everyone will get a custom pizza they love, even your BFF who’s a fussy eater.

Three kids excited about playing football in their garden with a goal post

Plan entertainment for the kids.

If you don’t fancy having your little monsters making a mess in the kitchen with their pizza making skills, get the kids involved in the football fever by getting them outside for a kick about! Set up your own makeshift goal posts, get the ball out, and let your baby Beckhams show off their skills. You can make things more interesting if you like and have a kids vs parents tournament!

Get ready for some major shade.

Friends sitting together eating pizza and watching a football match

Everyone loves a bit of banter but there’s always that one person who takes it too far and needs a time out in the sin bin. People tend to get very passionate about their teams, so really think about the combo of people you’re inviting to watch the match. Is the usually peace-loving Bob a bit too intense with the trash talk when he’s watching Man U?  Does Judy get majorly upset if Crystal Palace are roasted by your mates? To prevent any arguments, be sure to remind everyone that your living room is not the time or place for a re-enactment of the entire Green Street film franchise. If all else fails and you still want to invite them, make sure the banter king always has a plate of food to keep him quiet!

Prepare to feed everyone.

Hands reaching for pizza and holding orange juice

Watching the football is hungry and thirsty work. If your team wins you celebrate with all you can eat. If your team loses then you end up eating your feelings. Get plenty of Coca-cola, snacks like crisps, chocolates, and biscuits so if you have a bit of extra room after all that pizza, you can indulge in more food. It’s okay, we won’t tell the clean eating trend setters if you don’t!

Make your living room cosy.

We’re talking blankets, throws, pillows and the whole works. After all the food you’ve eaten, your all going to need a nice little nest to sit in while silently judging each other after these shenanigans. As you look around at the post-match scene of everyone in food comas looking pretty pleased (or annoyed if their team lost), you’ll smile and probably think ‘this is why we’re friends’.

Two heart shaped pizzas on a wooden table

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