4 Sandwiches You Need In Your Life

4 Sandwiches You Need In Your Life

Are your kids sick of the same old sarnies in their packed lunch? Or maybe you’re stuck on how to eat healthy while still being able to enjoy a good club sandwich?

Don’t worry, with our help your little monsters will be happily tucking in to their pack up and you’ll love noshing on nutritious lunches are quick and easy! We’ll also throw in a couple of not-so-healthy options in too because hey, everyone deserves a bit of a treat now and then!

So since it’s National Sandwich Week from May 8th – 14th we thought we’d share the 4 of the best sandwich recipes since sliced bread!

  1. The Meaty Monster 

Heart shaped pepperoni with onions and a tomato - The perfect sandwich filling

2 Chopped Slices Of Pepperoni
1 Diced Slice Of Chorizo
Red Onions
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Garlic Mayo
Thick Granary Bread

Devoted carnivores will love tearing in to this beast of a bap! You’re going to need proper thick sliced bread to keep a good grip on your lunch when you go in to full lion meets prey mode. Chorizo and pepperoni are pretty sweet (and stinky) meats and shouldn’t be over eaten. A slice of pepperoni has 10 calories while a chorizo slice has an extra 5 more on top! To keep this indulgent Italian inspired sandwich a little healthier, thinly dicing the pepperoni and chorizo slices spreads out the flavour across the filling while the veggies enhance it. The red onion and sweet chilli sauce adds a bit more to the jalapenos’ kick without being too over powering, while the garlic mayo gives your palette a cool down.

Health rating: Not the healthiest sandwich but probably a great Friday treat to celebrate the weekend.
Pro tip:
Add some paprika or chipotle seasoning if you like a bit more fire in your belly!

  1. The Plant Powerhouse 

A veggie sandwich that's brilliant for Vegans and Vegetarians on British Sandwich week. With lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and granary bread

Garlic Seasoning
Frozen Green Beans
Sliced Tinned Mushrooms
Salad Cream
Low Fat Wholemeal Bread

This beauty requires a little prep the night before but trust me, it’s so worth it! Steam some frozen green beans for 7 minutes then add in the fresh kale to steam for a further 2 minutes. While that’s happening, open your tinned mushrooms, drain the can, and fry them in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Slice your tomatoes and season them with a little garlic then add to your pan of mushrooms to sizzle. Put a little salad cream on your bread and start laying out your peppers ready for when your fillings have cooked. Once your mushrooms have browned, your juicy tomatoes are grilled, and your green beans and kale have steamed add them to your bread.

Health rating: Low fat and contains 4 of your 5-a-day.
Pro tip:
Dry off your ingredients with kitchen roll before putting them in the bread.

  1. The Tuna/Tu-no Melt 

A tuna melt with cucumber and lettuce is a fresh sandwich for Summer time

Tinned Chickpeas (if you’re veggie)


Tinned Sweetcorn
Seeded Bread

The tuna melt is a classic sandwich that is healthy, delicious, and low in fat! Even if you’re a vegetarian you can still enjoy this recipe by replacing the tuna with mashed chickpeas, making it a tu-no melt instead! Firstly take your tuna and drain the can. Once drained, place it in a bowl ready for some seasoning in a tick. If you’re using chickpeas instead of tuna, simply drain your can of chickpeas and cook them on the hob until they feel soft enough to mush about. By hand, mash them with a fork in to a tuna paste like consistency. If you’re lucky enough to have a food processor then by all means, use that instead because it’s far easier! So now you’ve got your chickpeas/tuna in the bowl, the seasoning can begin! Get some mayo and squirt a dollop in, stir thoroughly so your chickpeas/tuna soak it up as a coating. Drain your tinned sweetcorn in the sink and add it in with your mix to stir again. Now season the tuna/chickpea mix with salt and vinegar for some spice and stir it round some more. You want all these flavours to be entwined together so the taste sensation can melt in your mouth. Since we’re going for a higher healthy protein count, I’ve opted for seeded bread in this recipe. Use the spread of your choice on your bread and slice your cucumber, then line up those little slices on both sides of the sandwich. Add your mix on top and put together to make a tuna or tu-no melt!

Health rating: The tuna is filled with essential oils and low fat while chickpeas are brilliant for adding more protein to your diet without the fat
Pro tip:
Grill for a delicious toastie!

  1. The PB & J Supreme 

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches like this one are great for children, especially when they contain Nutella!


Peanut Butter
A bread of your choice

Kids and grown-ups will go nuts for this version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It’s packed with essential oils, proteins, and vitamins as well as a bit of a sweet treat. It’s also incredibly simple! Spread the peanut butter on 1 slice of bread and spread Nutella on the other. Get your jam and put it on the peanut butter bread side. Chop your banana in to little slices and line that up on the Nutella covered bread. Combine your sandwich, press and hold to keep the ingredients in and voila! If you have a bit of time, put your sandwich under the grill for an epic melt in your mouth toastie!

Health rating: Not bad for a sweet sarnie, the peanut butter is full of the good fats and nutrients our bodies need!
Pro tip:
Use cookie cutters to make cute shapes for little ones’ lunch boxes!

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