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  • 12 Reasons Why We Love Dad

    12 Reasons Why We Love Dad

    Dads are a rare breed.

    They manage to be so embarrassingly uncool when they hit peak dad that they somehow end up turning it all round to being cool again.

    As the great saying goes, ‘Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad’

    So with Father’s Day coming up on June 19th, let’s celebrate dads in all their weird, wonderful dad-ness!

    We thought we’d go full David Attenborough with 10 reasons why dads are the coolest, strangest, and nerdiest creatures you know:

    1. The dad can often be found in his natural habitat, otherwise known as the living room or ‘the man cave’.

    There he sits scratching, grunting, and shouting at Jenson Button on the Formula One racing. His territory is hard to miss thanks to the derrière print engraved within the sofa. Despite being possessive over his territory, the dad is a sociable creature willing to accept cuddles and food from passers-by. As long as they don't step in front of the TV.

    1. They’re infamous for their really, really bad dancing.

    A father dancing with his son in a colourful neighbourhood

    No matter how hard the dad tries to choreograph his moves, as soon as their first-born arrives all hand eye co-ordination disappears and they are reduced to the flailing mess that is ‘dad dancing’. This phenomenon is unexplainable despite scientists’ efforts to find a cause and cure. Until then, we must carry on humouring their attempts to be ‘down with the kids’ and keep trying to teach them the Macarena.

    1. Dads are notoriously easy to buy presents for.

    Any kind of shower gel, shaving equipment, and toiletries are an essential part of a father’s day package. Despite his love of grooming, the dad never buys his own products and relies on donations from offspring. When the dad isn't in the man cave, he’s in the car so of course he wants it to be filled with fresh décor, accessories and the latest gadgets…

    1. But despite their passion for technology, they never quite master gadgets.

    Mainly because they throw the instructions in the bin along with the spare chargers.

    1. The same goes for trends. 

    A father and daughter taking a selfie

    The dad will attempt to imitate their young by participating in ‘selfies’ and trying to use ‘on fleek’ correctly. Instead they end up videoing themselves moaning about the camera’s selfie mode not working and saying everything is ‘up freak’. They post their ‘#ThrowbackThursdays’ of their flare-wearing-flower-child-hey-day on Wednesdays and think that Yoko Ono is their new BFF because they follow each other on Twitter. Let the dad think he is cool, just don’t tell him that Yoko Ono automatically follows everyone on Twitter.

    1. Their mortal enemy is the sat nav…

    Which would work if they bothered to update it and keep the instructions. To everyone else, they’re a middle aged man shouting at a tiny box. To the dad, they’re on the front line of an epic battle between man and machine that prevents robots from taking over the universe. Their battle cries are heard for miles yet cannot be repeated due to their explicit nature.

    1. Dads are always bad influences in the best possible way. 

    Father and daughter pulling silly faces

    They’ll let their young stay up until dawn, drinking Coca-cola and eating too many sweets then leaving them in the care of their mate, the mum. This often results in the usually calm mum species becoming enraged. A sociable creature like the dad, they gather at the local watering hole with other mums to vent their frustrations and consume vast quantities of grown-up drinks.

    1. They’re terrifying when angry… but not as scary as mums.

    If there’s one thing the dad fears most, it’s the angry mum. Upon first sight, they dad returns to their territory – the sofa - for the evening until it is safe to venture out in to the world. This is usually at dinner time.

    1. When they reach a certain age, the socks-and-sandals-combo becomes their uniform.

    Much to the embarrassment of the rest of the family.

    1. They always do the jobs no one else wants to do.

    Mowing the lawn, getting rid of spiders, unclogging the pipes, climbing on the roof to clear the gutters… any gardening and outdoor jobs that requires dirt and creepy crawlies is the dad’s speciality.

    1. A dad’s secret weapon is usually called mum.

    Because everyone knows that it’s mum who does the birthday and Christmas shopping. This is why the dad always looks so surprised when the kids open their presents. Despite the tag saying they’re from ‘mum + dad’ we all know he has no clue what each gift will be!

    1. They’re secretly really, really generous. 

    Two fathers holding their daughter's hand

    The dad is a weird species who puts on a tough front in public but is a total sweetheart deep down. They’ll hold their eldest’s hair back when they’ve accidentally-on-purpose drank too much on a night out, while telling them off for being irresponsible. They’ll always go downstairs and make their youngest a cup of tea… even when they ask for it at 3am. Most importantly they’ll endure endless viewings of ‘Frozen’ and they’ll totally crank up the volume when ‘Let It Go’ plays in the car. They’ll dress as a princess despite what the other dads might say and will end up chauffeuring the family to every concert pilgrimage. The dad will complain throughout these acts of kindness yet secretly, they enjoy every minute.

    kids on the beach with a 'we heart dad sign'

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  • Half Term Boredom Hacks

    Half Term Boredom Hacks

    Are you ready for half term?

    Well now you will be with these handy arts and crafts ideas! Getting creative is something anyone can do, even on a shoe string budget.

    And if anyone can do that, it’s your mini humans. Kids are the most creative people in the world with their imagination, curiosity and unique point of view.

    So grab plenty of glitter, your baking kits and potatoes because this half term we’re getting stuck in with these arty activities:

    Mason Jar Madness!
    Mason jars with watermelon smoothies and cucumbers

    I know what you’re thinking: no not another Mason jar blog. These little glass beauties can be used for anything from making snow globes, smoothies, vases, and more! We love making our own mocktails ready for the warm weather – if the sun does appear this half term, we all know what English weather is like! Our favourite recipe is the English Garden which is apple juice, lemonade, ginger, elderflower, cucumber, and water. It’s delicious and refreshing for cooling off on a hot day. If you have a juicer or food processor it can be a fantastic way to get kids to eat their greens with a smoothie. You can make them more appealing by creating your own superhero or princess inspired smoothies like the Cinderella (strawberries, raspberries, bananas,  blueberries and yoghurt) and the Hulk (kale, kiwi, apple, pears, broccoli and bananas)!

    The Great Half Term Bake Off!
    Parents baking with their daughter
    We all deserve a treat now and then so why not bake fairy cakes with the little ones during half term? Replacing egg with banana can make carrot cupcake not only delicious but healthy. That’s right, healthy cakes… apart from the icing, of course. Let this be your cheat day on the diet, we won’t tell!

    You need:

    For the cake:
    1 ripe banana mashed
    1tbsp of margarine
    1 grated carrot
    1 tsp of ground cinnamon
    1 tbsp of baking powder
    4oz of self-raising flour
    A handful of raisins

    Half a tsp of vanilla extract
    1 tbsp of margarine
    3 tbsp icing sugar
    A handful of pecans

    Measure your ingredients with your baking kit, sift the flower then mix all of the dry ingredients together to create a well. Add the wet ingredients and stir until you have a lush smooth batter. Place in your cupcake cases and bake at 180 degrees until your cakes have risen to a nice spongy texture. Let them cool off for the afternoon (try not to eat them… okay we ate 2), then mix together your icing ingredients (apart from the pecans) with a fork. Gently whisk it up in to a sugary thick icing and dab on top of your cakes. Finish them off by placing 1 pecan on top of each iced cupcake. Mmm scrumptious.

    Little Green Fingers
    A little blonde girl watering the garden
    Giving the kids their own little patch of the garden is wonderful for helping them learn about caring for nature and the environment as well as busting that half term boredom. You can teach them about growing food by planting some vegetable and fruit seeds in a corner of the garden or some herbs in a little planter. Get the tots involved by giving them a small watering can and get them to help encourage our bumble bee friends by watering the flowers for them to pollinate.

    Potato Art
    Potato stamps
    Potato stamps are a childhood classic and are a brilliant way to get the kids to make their own art during their half term holidays. Lay newspaper across the table to prevent any spillages then grab some paper and felt tip pens and let your mini start drawing! It’ll be a lovely contrast of pen and paint on their creation! Cut your potato in half then simply get the template – cookie cutters are surprisingly good for this – to cut round. Dab the moist parts of the potato with some kitchen roll then dip the stamp in paint and assist the little ones with gently pressing down the potato stamp. You can also use celery to make some pretty flower petal shapes too and carrots are brilliant for a more textured print!

    What are you up to this half term? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Summer Skin Care

    The Ultimate Guide To Summer Skin Care

    Summer is right around the corner and things are heating up!
    We don’t mean to throw some major shade on your Summer fun but we need to talk about skin care.

    It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, whether it’s dry or oily, and if you have freckles or moles.

    Sun damage does not discriminate.

    It can affect anyone which means it’s really important that we show our skin some TLC during the warmer seasons!

    So let’s bust some myths about Summer skin care:

    Myth 1: The sun clears acne and makes me appear youthful.
    Answer: FALSE
    This is the ultimate myth that gets passed down as ‘good’ advice! While the sun may help reduce bacteria in your skin, it will cause more breakouts by drying out your skin which stimulates your natural oils in to overdrive. The main reason people think their skin looks better after they've been in the sun is because their tan is covering up any small red blemishes and scarring. That’s why people notice their acne seemingly ‘returning’ a couple of weeks after a beach holiday!

    Myth 2: I have darker skin so I can stay out in the sun for much longer.
    A pretty woman in the sun looking in the distance

    Answer: Sort of TRUE but mostly FALSE
    Darker skin does have a little more resistance to UVA/UVB rays, however this doesn't mean you can go out sunbathing sans sunscreen! Although skin cancer is uncommon for people with darker skin, it can actually be a more aggressive form if it attacks. At least an SPF 15 sun lotion is advised and you still need to keep your sun bathing time limited. People with fairer skin are incredibly vulnerable to sun damage, which is why if you have blonde or ginger hair you turn lobster red very quickly on the beach! This is because fairer skin contains less melanin, the stuff in our bodies that helps counteract the sun’s rays, than darker skin.

    Myth 3: I don’t need sunscreen because I’m trying to top up my vitamin D.
    Answer: FALSE
    Vitamin D deficiency may be on the rise but that doesn't mean you can ditch the sunscreen for the D! To top up your vitamin D levels, you only need about 10 – 15 minutes outside in the sun.

    Myth 4: If I wear fake tan, it will protect me from sun damage.
    Answer: Definitely FALSE
    Fake tanning sprays and gels are completely different to sunscreen but unfortunately this is one myth that won’t stop resurfacing. Even if you’re wearing fake tan, you still need to apply your protective high SPF sunscreen and after sun lotion.

    Myth 5: I don’t need to reapply my sunscreen after I've been in the pool.
    A group of friends smiling in a pool on a sunny day

    Answer: FALSE
    A dip in the pool may cool you off but it also washes away your sunscreen! Wait a few minutes for your fresh SPF coat to soak in to your skin and don’t forget to reapply as soon as you’re out of the pool!

    Myth 6: When it’s cloudy I do not need to wear sunscreen.
    Answer: FALSE
    It’s a hot day and despite the sun hiding behind those fluffy white clouds, you still need to wear your sunscreen. Your skin still become damaged and burnt from the UVA and UVB rays poking through the cloudy sky. 

    Myth 7: My hair protects my scalp from being burned.
    A boy holding some sun lotion with a sun cream moustache on his face while wearing a straw hat

    Answer: FALSE
    Sadly your hair holds no protection against the sun and if you leave your hat at home you’re in danger of enduring painful sun burn on your head! Luckily you can get non-greasy sun lotions to protect your scalp, which is a saviour for those who have receding hair or a bald head. Keep those bald patches beautiful with a quick spray of sunscreen formulated especially for this sensitive area.

    Myth 8: Getting a tan from sun bathing is healthy.
    Answer: FALSE
    Despite the phrase ‘a healthy tan’, getting a tan from sun bathing is actually a sign that you've damaged your body! The sun’s rays travel deep in to the layers of your skin gradually burning you. When we sunbathe our skin is triggered in to producing a chemical called melanin which helps protect your skin from frying too much. The melanin makes your skin appear golden and tanned, so when you see your skin start to glow it’s your body’s way of telling you to turn down the heat!

    Myth 9: My child doesn't need a high SPF because their young skin is stronger.
    A little girl smiling wearing sunglasses and swim wear on the beach getting sun lotion applied by her parent

    Answer: FALSE
    Children’s skin is actually more sensitive than a fully grown adult’s which is why kid’s sunscreen is usually an extremely high SPF. The younger you are when you start exposing your skin to the sun, the quicker your skin will prematurely age and become damaged, further increasing the risk of skin cancer. Make sure your little ones have hats, plenty of sun screen and regular breaks in the shade.

    Myth 10: I don’t have sunburn so I don’t need after sun lotion.
    Answer: FALSE
    After all that time in the sun, your skin will be dry and need rehydrating. It’s important because it helps keep your skin healthy and will aid your body in recovering quicker from sun damage - even if you’re not at the boiled lobster phase of burning!

    A woman's back with a smiley face painted on in sun lotion

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  • The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

    The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

    It’s almost a month until it’s officially Summer time and you know what that means.

    Yes, it’s music festival season!

    Like any good festival goer you’re likely to be thinking ahead about what to stuff in to your rucksack, which musical guitar gods you simply must see, and who will be the designated driver on this 4 hour pilgrimage to mud, music, and mayhem.

    Or maybe you’re a first timer dipping your wellies in to the world of face-melting guitar riffs, mosh pits, glow sticks, and porta potties hosting their own tiny civilisations.

    It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when  you’re camped out in the middle of nowhere with thousands of hardcore music fans all trying to elbow their way to the main stage front row.

    So we figured we’d give you some hints and tips on how to survive a music festival for both seasoned pros and newbies!

    1. Travel light

    Two women showing their festival fashion off while cheering in the crowd

    People come from far and wide to festivals across the UK. So chances are you’re one of those people who will have quite a trek to make. You need enough room in the car for your friends and you don’t want to be lugging everything else including the kitchen sink across a field! Make your outfit versatile. For the ladies a pair of leggings or denim shorts and interchangeable tops is a fab lightweight option that’s comfy and easy to carry. Lads, a pair of shorts and a graphic printed tee will keep you cool in the heat while a button up shirt can go over this combo if you need an extra layer. The perfect accessory for both men and women for a festival? The humble hoody! Save space and ditch your pillow in favour of putting your clothes inside its case!

    1. Bring snacks 

    A group of young people eating thieir meals at a music festival

    Festival food is expensive and we’re on a budget here! So stock up on snacks for being on the go like cereal bars and crisps to keep your strength up when you’re playing air guitar in the mud pit! Keep drinks like Capri-Sun handy for a juice fix and Coca-Cola for when you need a sugar boost mid way through the festival excitement.

    1. Set your soundtrack

    Create a playlist for the journey of the bands that are playing throughout the weekend. There’s bound to be some you’re not familiar with and you might just find a new festival favourite from your mix tape!

    1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

    The worst thing you can do at a festival is not drink water. Alcohol dehydrates you quickly and you can’t spend the entire weekend living on sugary drinks. Hydrating is a must and a good bottle of water will keep you energised for longer so you can elbow your way to the main stage!

    1. Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen

    Trust me on the sunscreen. Even if it looks a bit cloudy, you’re going to be exposed to UV rays for roughly 72 hours or more. Pack a strong SPF sun lotion and after sun to avoid looking like a boiled lobster with dodgy tan lines!

    1. Baby wipes

    Say hello to your festival BFF! You’re going to have no access to a proper shower for the weekend which means wet wipes are like currency at a festival. Say goodbye to panda eyes, makeup and mud!

    1. Make a plan 

    A group of friends dancing at a music festival

    Festivals are HUGE. Getting lost is incredibly easy so always plan a checkpoint for you all to head to if you get separated. The phone charging tent will be too rammed and you might not have a signal or a travel phone charger so chances are your phone will run out of power. It’s time to go back to the era before mobile phones ladies and gentlemen, let’s get through this as smoothly as possible.

    1. Most importantly, bring a sense of humour!

    You’re going to be in a field with your mates and thousands of strangers so you’re going to see some amazing fancy dress (there’s always a Where’s Wally group), epic mud slides, hilarious dancing and some incredible bands rocking out! Festivals are fun, tiring and kind of tough but your group will make it through together!

    A group of friends chasing bubbles at a music festival

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  • How To Throw An EPIC Football Pizza Party

    How To Throw An EPIC Football Pizza Party

    So you want to throw an FA Cup party but don’t know where to start?

    Well you’re in luck because Friday May 20th is Pizza Party Day!

    As if we needed an excuse to eat our entire bodyweight in pizza.

    And yes I know, I know: the FA Cup is on Saturday May 21st … which is why you should combine the two and create your very own FA Cup Pizza Party for when the match is on!

     Party planning is a lot of work.

    But this is a pizza party which means you can make all your beloved friends and family do all the work! Save time cooking and have a build your own pizza contest. Ask them to text you their fave food and dietary requirements (vegan and gluten free buddies: we see you!) then prepare your kitchen for carnage.

    A pizza base with tomato sauce and toppings around it

    It’s probably going to get messy, there will be that one person who throws food, and your cute retro home may look a bit like a scene from a horror film. Do not despair if this unfortunate scenario occurs, if they want a food fight they’ll have to be the clean-up crew after all. Whether there’s a food fight or not, one thing is sure: everyone will get a custom pizza they love, even your BFF who’s a fussy eater.

    Three kids excited about playing football in their garden with a goal post

    Plan entertainment for the kids.

    If you don’t fancy having your little monsters making a mess in the kitchen with their pizza making skills, get the kids involved in the football fever by getting them outside for a kick about! Set up your own makeshift goal posts, get the ball out, and let your baby Beckhams show off their skills. You can make things more interesting if you like and have a kids vs parents tournament!

    Get ready for some major shade.

    Friends sitting together eating pizza and watching a football match

    Everyone loves a bit of banter but there’s always that one person who takes it too far and needs a time out in the sin bin. People tend to get very passionate about their teams, so really think about the combo of people you’re inviting to watch the match. Is the usually peace-loving Bob a bit too intense with the trash talk when he’s watching Man U?  Does Judy get majorly upset if Crystal Palace are roasted by your mates? To prevent any arguments, be sure to remind everyone that your living room is not the time or place for a re-enactment of the entire Green Street film franchise. If all else fails and you still want to invite them, make sure the banter king always has a plate of food to keep him quiet!

    Prepare to feed everyone.

    Hands reaching for pizza and holding orange juice

    Watching the football is hungry and thirsty work. If your team wins you celebrate with all you can eat. If your team loses then you end up eating your feelings. Get plenty of Coca-cola, snacks like crisps, chocolates, and biscuits so if you have a bit of extra room after all that pizza, you can indulge in more food. It’s okay, we won’t tell the clean eating trend setters if you don’t!

    Make your living room cosy.

    We’re talking blankets, throws, pillows and the whole works. After all the food you’ve eaten, your all going to need a nice little nest to sit in while silently judging each other after these shenanigans. As you look around at the post-match scene of everyone in food comas looking pretty pleased (or annoyed if their team lost), you’ll smile and probably think ‘this is why we’re friends’.

    Two heart shaped pizzas on a wooden table

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  • 4 Sandwiches You Need In Your Life

    4 Sandwiches You Need In Your Life

    Are your kids sick of the same old sarnies in their packed lunch? Or maybe you’re stuck on how to eat healthy while still being able to enjoy a good club sandwich?

    Don’t worry, with our help your little monsters will be happily tucking in to their pack up and you’ll love noshing on nutritious lunches are quick and easy! We’ll also throw in a couple of not-so-healthy options in too because hey, everyone deserves a bit of a treat now and then!

    So since it’s National Sandwich Week from May 8th – 14th we thought we’d share the 4 of the best sandwich recipes since sliced bread!

    1. The Meaty Monster 

    Heart shaped pepperoni with onions and a tomato - The perfect sandwich filling

    2 Chopped Slices Of Pepperoni
    1 Diced Slice Of Chorizo
    Red Onions
    Sweet Chilli Sauce
    Garlic Mayo
    Thick Granary Bread

    Devoted carnivores will love tearing in to this beast of a bap! You’re going to need proper thick sliced bread to keep a good grip on your lunch when you go in to full lion meets prey mode. Chorizo and pepperoni are pretty sweet (and stinky) meats and shouldn’t be over eaten. A slice of pepperoni has 10 calories while a chorizo slice has an extra 5 more on top! To keep this indulgent Italian inspired sandwich a little healthier, thinly dicing the pepperoni and chorizo slices spreads out the flavour across the filling while the veggies enhance it. The red onion and sweet chilli sauce adds a bit more to the jalapenos’ kick without being too over powering, while the garlic mayo gives your palette a cool down.

    Health rating: Not the healthiest sandwich but probably a great Friday treat to celebrate the weekend.
    Pro tip:
    Add some paprika or chipotle seasoning if you like a bit more fire in your belly!

    1. The Plant Powerhouse 

    A veggie sandwich that's brilliant for Vegans and Vegetarians on British Sandwich week. With lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and granary bread

    Garlic Seasoning
    Frozen Green Beans
    Sliced Tinned Mushrooms
    Salad Cream
    Low Fat Wholemeal Bread

    This beauty requires a little prep the night before but trust me, it’s so worth it! Steam some frozen green beans for 7 minutes then add in the fresh kale to steam for a further 2 minutes. While that’s happening, open your tinned mushrooms, drain the can, and fry them in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Slice your tomatoes and season them with a little garlic then add to your pan of mushrooms to sizzle. Put a little salad cream on your bread and start laying out your peppers ready for when your fillings have cooked. Once your mushrooms have browned, your juicy tomatoes are grilled, and your green beans and kale have steamed add them to your bread.

    Health rating: Low fat and contains 4 of your 5-a-day.
    Pro tip:
    Dry off your ingredients with kitchen roll before putting them in the bread.

    1. The Tuna/Tu-no Melt 

    A tuna melt with cucumber and lettuce is a fresh sandwich for Summer time

    Tinned Chickpeas (if you’re veggie)


    Tinned Sweetcorn
    Seeded Bread

    The tuna melt is a classic sandwich that is healthy, delicious, and low in fat! Even if you’re a vegetarian you can still enjoy this recipe by replacing the tuna with mashed chickpeas, making it a tu-no melt instead! Firstly take your tuna and drain the can. Once drained, place it in a bowl ready for some seasoning in a tick. If you’re using chickpeas instead of tuna, simply drain your can of chickpeas and cook them on the hob until they feel soft enough to mush about. By hand, mash them with a fork in to a tuna paste like consistency. If you’re lucky enough to have a food processor then by all means, use that instead because it’s far easier! So now you’ve got your chickpeas/tuna in the bowl, the seasoning can begin! Get some mayo and squirt a dollop in, stir thoroughly so your chickpeas/tuna soak it up as a coating. Drain your tinned sweetcorn in the sink and add it in with your mix to stir again. Now season the tuna/chickpea mix with salt and vinegar for some spice and stir it round some more. You want all these flavours to be entwined together so the taste sensation can melt in your mouth. Since we’re going for a higher healthy protein count, I’ve opted for seeded bread in this recipe. Use the spread of your choice on your bread and slice your cucumber, then line up those little slices on both sides of the sandwich. Add your mix on top and put together to make a tuna or tu-no melt!

    Health rating: The tuna is filled with essential oils and low fat while chickpeas are brilliant for adding more protein to your diet without the fat
    Pro tip:
    Grill for a delicious toastie!

    1. The PB & J Supreme 

    Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches like this one are great for children, especially when they contain Nutella!


    Peanut Butter
    A bread of your choice

    Kids and grown-ups will go nuts for this version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It’s packed with essential oils, proteins, and vitamins as well as a bit of a sweet treat. It’s also incredibly simple! Spread the peanut butter on 1 slice of bread and spread Nutella on the other. Get your jam and put it on the peanut butter bread side. Chop your banana in to little slices and line that up on the Nutella covered bread. Combine your sandwich, press and hold to keep the ingredients in and voila! If you have a bit of time, put your sandwich under the grill for an epic melt in your mouth toastie!

    Health rating: Not bad for a sweet sarnie, the peanut butter is full of the good fats and nutrients our bodies need!
    Pro tip:
    Use cookie cutters to make cute shapes for little ones’ lunch boxes!

    Got a sandwich recipe? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!

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  • 5 Tips To Get Your BBQ Party Started!

    5 Tips To Get Your BBQ Party Started!

    Things are heating up now it’s May with National BBQ Month!

    We love any excuse for a good ol’ knees up in the garden with family, friends, and a whole lotta food. And what better reason is there than the sun coming out just as BBQ month begins? Clearly it’s fate.

    So are you a Grill Sergeant Major or a beginner about to feel the burn for the first time? Either way, we've got some tips and tricks so your budget BBQ party is red hot without going up in flames.

    1. Be safe and appoint two grill operators

    Always be safe when operating a grill. You can get portable BBQs and grills from Poundstretcher at a cheap price

    Let’s get the boring but necessary bit out of the way: be safe. When using a barbecue you are literally playing with fire. If you add small children, pets, and a bunch of relatives who have probably had one or two cocktails, then it’s bound to get hectic. First place your BBQ away from any branches or trees and keep young children and pets at a safe distance. Make sure any bits of fat and residue from your previous BBQ meal has been cleaned so your grill isn’t going to be too flammable and never leave your grill unattended. Two pairs of eyes are better than one so appoint two people as the main grillers so even if one person leaves to grab a Coca-Cola, the barbie is still being looked after.

    1. Make your guests pitch in

    Love your mum’s mulberry gin fizz recipe? Does dad have a top secret seasoning for ribs? Ask them to bring their culinary talents to the table! Cooking has long been a fabulous family activity and something that brings people together with a sense of community. Layer all your dishes buffet style under a gazebo away from the bugs or – in typical British fashion – the rain. With a pot luck style BBQ, everyone can try new dishes and still enjoy their old favourites.

    1. Consider your audience

    Even vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a gorgeous summer BBQ with these veggie kebabs!

    Think about whether your guests will be able to let loose and party together. For instance, it’s probably not a good idea to invite your conservative uncle Pete if he’s going to end up arguing with your ultra-liberal hipster BFF Cindy, leading to a duel with chicken drum sticks. After all, nobody likes their pulled pork served with a side eye and some shade. Consider if anyone has any allergies to foods or if they’re vegan and vegetarian. There are still plenty of recipes for veggie BBQ foods like vegetable kebabs, grilled stuff mushroom burger, BBQ Jamaican Jerk corn and more!

    1. Fashionable themes

    Themes can really set the mood for a get together. You can keep it classy and simple with solar lights and mason jar centre pieces or go all out by making your friends and family dress up in costumes. If it’s someone’s birthday BBQ you could all dress as that person (complete with wigs etc) in a strange twist on the popular Where’s Wally parties or wear t-shirts with an embarrassing baby picture of them on. Broader themes like TV, film, and video game BBQ parties bring about a wider variety of costumes for you to be amazed by. My personal favourite? A Mario Kart themed party.

    1. Delicious desserts 

    Desserts in a barbecue? Why not?! Get your sweets like chocolate and sprinkles to decorate your marshmallows, from Poundstretcher

    Don’t fancy tucking in to hot dogs and pulled pork? Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by making smoked marshmallow smores with melted chocolate. Why not put some foil on the barbie, split open a banana and cover with marshmallows, chocolate, and nuts for a grilled banana boat? And if you’re not too sure what to do with that leftover birthday cake, put it on a kebab skewer with some strawberries and grill it to sweet perfection. Roll out those left over powdered doughnuts on the grill and let those babies burn up with a caramelised coating. Who says a BBQ is all about the wings and the burgers?

    Enjoy all your favourite dishes, make sure to stock up on cutlery, plates, and more from Poundstretcher.

    If you’re planning a BBQ for the warmer weather, come along and visit us to stock up on your supplies from garden furniture, grills and tools, food and more! Find your nearest store here.

    Want to tell us your fave BBQ dishes? Use the hashtag #Poundstretcher so we can see your beautiful barbie shindigs in all their glory on Twitter and Instagram!

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