Go Green For Earth Day!

Go Green For Earth Day!

Did you miss out on Earth Hour? Never fear, Earth Day is here!

Every year on April 22nd thousands of people across the globe pledge to become more environmentally friendly.

So in keeping with the seventies spirit of the movement, how about some simple tips for saving the earth through sustainability?

  1. Get some sun with solar

Our solar lights are fantastic value for money, eco friendly and beautiful bargains!

From fairy lights, garden stake lights, and cute sun jars that’ll look as cute in your bedroom as they do on your patio, solar has gone from being a fad to home essential. Using a solar panel to recharge the batteries, the sky is the limit with solar.

  1. Eat less meat

A vegetarian and vegan diet is a great way to celebrate Earth Day

With the success of Veganuary, thousands have pledged to eat less animals to take the strain off of the environment. After all, mother earth has enough on her plate! With mass produced meat wasting gallons of water and electricity just to feed the animals we’re eating, even one day meat free helps. It’s a great way to get the kids eating healthy and learning about new dishes while also being surprisingly cheap! Why not give it a try this year for Earth Day and start your own Free From Friday or Meat Free Monday each week?

  1. Make your own natural cleaning products

With simple household essentials, you can make your own earth friendly cleaning products

Always cleaning up after your mini beasts? Why not make your own household cleaner from natural ingredients? The supplies are cheap and there’s no harmful chemicals that could be dangerous for the little ones and your four legged friends. All you need is white vinegar, baking soda, salt, water, and a few drops of lemon for a fresh zesty scent. Mix it all together in a squirty spray bottle and you can wipe away dirt from your kitchen sides without worry.

5. Plant more flowers and food
You can find cheap value gardening accessories at Poundstretcher

Trees and plants help us to breathe by releasing oxygen and absorbing the carbon dioxide we breathe out. So with more greenery being destroyed, we need to plant more to make up for the loss. Fortunately planting can be really fun for kids and stress busting for adults! Get the kids excited about healthy fruits and veggies by growing your own seeds and start giving back to the environment starting this Earth Day. It’ll add more ingredients to your meat free day, even if it’s just a few herbs in hanging planters on your flat’s balcony. Every small eco action adds up!

6. Change your bulbs
Energy saving lightbulbs are a great way to start being eco friendly

This one seems a bit obvious but you’d be surprised that many people forget about energy saving light bulbs! These little beauties reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill so of course, they should be a staple in every home. Especially households helping the environment!

Want to make a start at going green for Earth Day? Check out our fantastic gardening range full of seeds, tools, and solar lights to start your eco activist adventure!

Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you’re up to on Earth Day and how you plan on helping to save the world one light bulb at a time!