Get Creative For National Stationery Week!

Get Creative For National Stationery Week!

Happy National Stationery Week!

There’s nothing better than the smell of a new notebook and a freshly sharpened pencil poised ready to write your hopes, dreams, a best-selling novel, or your weekly shopping list!

And despite the rise of the digital age, writing and drawing the old fashioned way will never be erased.

So if you’re starting a new job or sending the kids back to school, university or college, be sure to fill your pencil case without writing off your finances.

To celebrate National Stationery Week (25th April - 1st May), here’s some inspiration for your doodles and diaries:

Track your travels…

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Forget social media like Instagram and Facebook (well not ours, of course).

Documenting your holiday doesn’t need to be always digital. Grab a disposable camera or polaroid and start snapping away on your holiday. You’ll get to relive the glory days of waiting for the surprise of how your shots turned out and it’s a great way to teach the kids about life before Y2K! Choose your colour scheme for your stationary with a notebook and pens that’ll complement each other.  You can do the standard old fashioned photo album where you write names, ages and the year underneath the pictures or maybe you want to caption them and tell a story.

Make it me, me, me…

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… with a diary!

It can be your teen’s best friend, the keeper of the secrets, and it helps us unleash our inner Bridget Jones when we’re sat at home on a Friday night eating our body weight in pizza (not that any of us do that here…).  Journals are an excellent for releasing the emotions that you probably don’t feel comfortable expressing with anyone else. It can be a wonderful way to get to know who you are and to help you reflect on how you felt while writing. Plus it means you can have an excuse to buy different coloured pens and pencils so get some stationary to start filling in that blank page!

Life in art… 

Keep the kids occupied with our fantastic budget stationery sets including Disney and more big names!

Looking for a unique way to document the little ones growing up? Grab  notebooks, pens, and pencils and label each page with each year up until your child is 12. Then ask them to doodle whatever they want annually. As each year passes, the drawings in the book will change and you’ll be able to witness your mini Van Gogh’s life unfold in art through their ages.

Have a wonderful week celebrating all things creative during National Stationery Week 2016!

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