10 Reasons Your Sibling Is Your Best Friend

10 Reasons Your Sibling Is Your Best Friend

National Sibling Day is approaching! Yes that’s right, jot down April 10th on your calendar as another holiday you need to celebrate. To mark this momentous occasion, here are 10 reasons why your sibling is your best friend (even if you kind of secretly hate them):

1. Sibling relationships are likely the longest relationship you’ll ever have. They last from cradle to grave and outlast even parental bonds.
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2. They teach you social skills…and what not to do in public. Studies show that children with brothers and sisters manage to get along better with their classmates when starting school because they’ve modelled their communication and sharing skills on their siblings. Also if you’re the baby of the family like I am, you’ve probably learned how not to behave from watching your siblings humiliate themselves (hilariously) in public. Comedy gold.
Reward your sibling for teaching you right from wrong this Sibling Day!

3. You can say the most horrific insults to each other… but you know deep down that they love you and don’t mean it. Most arguments that sink friendships make brother and sister bonds stronger.
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4. Younger siblings are basically your minions. They look up to you as their big brother or sister and learn how to face the world. Also you’ve probably convinced your baby sister or brother to do random, silly, and just plain stupid things purely for your own amusement. They’ll back you up when you’re trying to blackmail mum and dad by giving them the puppy dog eyes as well as covering up your own mishaps.
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5. Siblings are the link to your past. They’re the only people who you can reminisce about your parents and your childhood home with. You’ve watched each other grow wrinkly, fat, thin, and everything in between but that doesn’t matter to them because you’re their sibling.
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6. You have a lot of material on your older siblings… which is really useful when you want to get your own way. Want the last biscuit? Casually mention that you may know who broke the green house window last Summer. Looking to borrow their party outfit? Maybe you know who unravelled all the toilet paper to TP the neighbour’s house last Halloween? Older siblings think they’re the boss but secretly the youngsters have them wrapped around their little finger!
Siblings may argue but they love each other!

7. It’s really annoying if they’re more attractive than you… but while they may have the beauty, you know you got the brains of the family.
Celebrate your brother or sister on April 10th!

8. It’s irritating when they’re smarter than you… but while they may be a know-it-all, at least you got the beauty genes of the family!
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9. You don’t need words. Just one raise of an eyebrow or smirk can tell you what your brother or sister is thinking. It’s a secret sibling language that is so unique that only you understand.
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10. Most importantly, they’ll support you no matter what. Having a sibling means you have a lifetime of support no matter what… even if they don’t really know what to do to help. They don’t have to call you every day but you know they’ll come over when you need them. Sometimes just being there with a cup of tea and chocolate is enough – just make sure it’s your sibling who is treating you!
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