Top 5 Mason Jar DIY Hacks

Top 5 Mason Jar DIY Hacks

Mason jar madness is in full swing and everyone wants get their hands on these beauties! Who knew something so simple could be so useful? So to celebrate our new range of mason jars, here’s 5 DIY hacks to make life a little less jarring:

1. The Salad Sensation 

Mason Jar Salads are healthy, nourishing and great value

With the warmer seasons approaching you’re going to be in the mood for a  refreshing salad. Luckily thanks to the humble mason jar, eating healthy has finally become cool!  Mason jars are a wonderful alternative to plastic tubs and keep your food fresher for longer thanks to their tight seal. Say goodbye to limp lettuce and soggy spinach by layering your salad ingredients inside the jar. Start with wet ingredients at the bottom and the drier food like leaves or croutons on the top. When you want to eat your salad, turn the jar upside down to put the ingredients on a plate for you to mix it all together. Make a few day's worth so you can simply grab a jar out the fridge and go! My personal favourite combination is lettuce, sweetcorn, carrot, and beetroot with balsamic vinaigrette and wholegrain mustard dressing.

2. The Floral Fancy
Mason jar floral arrangements are great for budget weddings
If you’re planning a wedding or just looking for a great excuse for special someone to buy you flowers, this is the mason jar hack for you. The ultimate proof that you don’t need an expensive vase to house your horticultural delights, simply add water and flowers to your jar and hey presto! You get a charming country style centrepiece. You can add a splash of paint in a colour of your choice or decorative ribbons and buttons to give it that personalised touch. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could always tie some yarn round the opening and use your mason jar as a hanging flower arrangement.

3. The Rustic Refreshment
Mason jar cocktails, mocktails and drinks
Drinking from mason jars has long been known as a staple in the sunny southern states of the US but now it’s going global! It's a cute alternative to a martini glass and with its sturdy handle, you can keep a good grip on your drink. Try cutting some fresh fruit and adding to lemonade for a bright and flavourful mocktail or a classic lime, lemon, and coke mix. If you're in the mood for something stronger mix gin, elderflower, lemonade and cucumber slices for a refreshing cocktail. The mason jars will add a countryside charm to your garden party without costing a ton!

4. The Tiny Terrarium
Tiny mason jar terrarium for plants and gardening

You can pretty much create your own world in a mason jar by using it as a terrarium! They’re low maintenance making them brilliant if you’re new to gardening or all thumbs instead of green fingers. First layer some moss on the bottom of the jar. You won’t have any water drainage holes in the glass mason jar so it’ll soak up excess water and serve as a great base for your mini earth. Add some stones on top of the moss like you would in a pot in order for the water to drain properly from the soil on top. A starfish plant, spider fern, and aquamarine are all teeny tiny plants that will thrive in your mason jar. When your greenery is inside, add some cute figurines like dinosaurs and other animals so your little world can go wild.

5. The Fairy Jar

Fairy lights in a mason jar make a great bedroom light

Ever wanted to catch a falling star or find some fairies as a kid? Well this hack is for you. Add some cute fairy lights inside your mason jar to make a bright centrepiece for a wedding, outdoor party or even just to make your bedroom shine a bit. Paint your own designs on to make it more you. Use a star shaped stencil to preserve the glass and paint the entire jar, then remove your stencils so the light can shine clearly through patterns.

The possibilities are endless with mason jars which is why we’re so excited to bring you a sneak peek of our range! At just 59p they're a brilliant value essential for Summer!


So come visit us to get your mason jar crafting started, find your local Poundstretcher here.