Paws For Thought On National Pet Month

Paws For Thought On National Pet Month

From April 1st  people up and down the country will be going barking for their pets. From fundraising to raising awareness, there’s a lot to be done for our amazing animals because it’s National Pet Month! So to celebrate, let’s talk about a charity that is close to our hearts at Poundstretcher and The Pet Hut.

Why we love the PDSA…

Let’s be honest: vet bills are really, really expensive. We humans have an NHS to look after us when we’re unwell and in need of treatments. Sadly the same cannot be said for our four legged friends. So who can animals count on?

That’s where the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals comes in… or you know, the PDSA for short.If you’re entitled to council tax or housing benefit and your pet is poorly, you can gain free veterinary care from your local PDSA clinic.

It all started 99 years ago…

Thanks to the founder, PDSA provided help across the country with mobile animal carts

In 1917 way before women even had the right to vote and a mere 6 years after the Protection Of Animals Act gave animals lawful protection from abuse, Maria Elizabeth Dickin opened the first PDSA Clinic in Whitechapel. A privileged woman who wanted to promote animal care and welfare, she was very moved by the poverty stricken working classes’ difficulty in finding affordable healthcare for their animals.

The PDSA even saved animals during WWII and the blitz!

Amazingly 6 years later she opened 7 clinics with a handful of travelling carts to provide pet care on the move. By 1934, over a staggering 1 million animals in need had been treated for free by the PDSA. Not content to rest on their laurels, the PDSA even pioneered their own animal rescue squads during World War II and saved 250,000 animals throughout the blitz! With the Allied Forces Mascot Club and the PDSA Dickin Medal recognising the bravery of animals in action, the charity proved that it was rooting for the every man and everyday dog in extraordinary circumstances.

Creating a gold medal for brave animals saw the PDSA recognising them for their service during the war

The PDSA Today…

Now with hundreds of pet hospitals open across the UK and Europe, the charity has become a beacon of hope for pet owners. From delightful dogs and cats to cute critters like rats and snakes, all types of creatures great and small have benefited from their pioneering work.

The vets at the PDSA provide free health care to a wide range of animals

With their focusing moving towards helping people choose the perfect pets for their lifestyles and starting a pet fit club to keep animals active, the charity has expanded massively so they need all the help they can get!

Cute cats and kittens are just some of the animals they help!

If you’d like to know more about the PDSA, visit their website here!

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