How To Make Your New House A Home

How To Make Your New House A Home

You’re moving out – finally!

You are officially an independent adult human being! Congratulations!

Now, this may come as a shock to you but the only way I can say this is to be blunt and quick like I’m ripping off a band aid: you’re gonna be broke.

we offer budget products that are top quality at PoundstretcherForget the days when you could go in to town on a spending spree. You’ve got furnishings, heating, water, electricity, healthy food and more to worry about. It’s pretty scary to think that you can’t shout ‘I need an adult’ when a spider invades your new humble abode… because now you’re the adult!

Whether you’re going to university this year or fleeing the nest, realising that the bank of mum and dad stops here is daunting. Especially when you have a creative vision, an eye for style, and high expectations for your new home as a fully fledged adult.

You don’t need a massive budget for a chic home.

Cosy living room on a budget Above left to right: Bonsai Tree Light from £9.99, Ornate White Vintage Mirror £14.99, Hampton Kitchen Trolley £19.99, and Vintage Wooden Boxes from £3.99

Think you can’t have nice things? Think again! You can unleash your inner Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen to make your home unique with a timeless theme. Retro never goes out of style because there’s always another decade out of the way and a newer generation to romanticise it. If the time period is vague then you have more freedom to mix and match a blend of eras in your home. Think baroque inspired mirrors, rustic chipped wood furnishings, and kitsch kitchenware.

Make your home cosy… this is your little hideaway from the world!

Make your home cosy and stylish without breaking the bank Left to right: Luxury Shiny Throws from £6.99, Ceramic Kettle £19.99, Butterfly Candle Holder £1.99, and Pink Heart String Lights £3.99

Like a little woodland creature with its nest, your home is your sanctuary. Everyone needs to be able to get home from work, cocoon themselves in a throw, light a few candles or fairy lights for a relaxing glow, and put on the kettle for a brew. There’s zero judgement here. Want to dance about in your pants to Madonna’s Vogue? Go ahead and werk it. Peckish? You can eat cereal for dinner instead of breakfast. You’re living independently now and the world is your oyster.

Learn to love cooking!

Keeping organised while cooking has never been cheaper! Left to right: Three Piece Tea/Coffee/Sugar Set from £2.99, Victorian Salt and Pepper Pots 99p, Mason Jars 59p, and George Foreman Grill £14.99

Now you have your own kitchen, this is your chance to fulfil your dream of being the winner of Come Dine With Me. To avoid heading in to angry Gordon Ramsey mode when you can’t take the heat in the kitchen, make sure everything is organised. Nothing says ‘I’m an adult’ like a fancy pants kitchen appliance and a spotless worktop. Keep glass mason jars handy for storing long life food like pasta, lentils, and spaghetti… as well as making cocktails. Infamous for being staple student food, you’re going to be using those ingredients a lot if you’re heading off to university!

Set the house rules… quite literally.

Wall murals show house guests who is boss in a fashionable way! Left to right: Royal Cushions from £3.00, Hessian Wall Canvas from £2.99, Wall Decal £1.99, Dog Mug Set £2.99.

Your home may not be the palace of Versailles but you can still live like Marie Antoinette. Holding court with guests should be enjoyable… but you’re bound to get that one person who leaves the seat up and demands a very specific type of tea. Only one person rules this roost… and it’s likely the dog. Remind them who the queen is when they make themselves comfortable with not-so-subtle cushions and mugs that point this out. If all else fails, simply point them out to the rules written on the wall.

Keep it tidy... even if this means you shove everything in a box just before guests arrive.

Moving home? You need storage boxes from Poundstretcher! Left to right: 4 Tier Storage Unit from £19.99, Geneva Media Storage Tower from £12.99, Preserves Jar from £1.99, and Faux Suede Ottoman Storage £16.99

Convince everyone you’re a tidy functioning adult by getting storage boxes. As soon as visitors see an alphabetised DVD shelf and an Ottoman, they’ll congratulate you on your transformation from inbetweener to professional grown up.

You can get all these products and more in store now. So why not have get your home essentials in person? Come visit us to browse and look here for your nearest store.