5 Home Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Home Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Making your home look unique shouldn't cost you your house! With these handy crafting and DIY hacks, you’ll make your home look stylish, new, and will even help you to get a little more organised.

1. Coffee Candles
Make your home smell lovely with coffee beans and tea lights
Wake up and smell the coffee…. No really, now you can! This home hack is one for my fellow caffeine addicts out there and is especially great at vanquishing any strong foul odours instantly. All you need is coffee beans, a small desert dish, tray or jar, and tea lights. Put the beans in your canister of choice, place your desired amount of tea lights and light it up! The coffee beans will soak up the warmth and emit the gorgeous aroma of a slow roasted coffee. Your house will soon smell like Central Perk in no time at all!

Pro tip: Place in the room next to the kitchen if there’s many of you cooking.

Skill: Really easy!

2. Jewellery Drawer
This cutlery drawer can be transformed in to a jewellery holder
Hate it when your necklaces get tangled and tied together in a jewellery box? The struggle is real, we've all been there. Why not organise your necklaces and bracelets so you can just grab and go with ease in the morning? Get a standard cutlery drawer, screw in some hooks, and voila you have a new case for your Cartier and Pandora hauls to hang on your wall. You can paint your drawer a colour to match your home or keep the design on for a vintage upcycle vibe!

Pro tip: In place of hooks, use pins or a small door knob.

Skill: Medium – getting those hooks in a straight line can be tricky.

3. Paint And Polish EVERYTHING
Paint pegs with nail varnish to give your house a bit of colour
Want to jazz up those plain wooden pegs to use for wedding place card holders or home-made picture holders? Nail polish and nail art pens. Is your stiletto sole warn and scuffed? Make those haggard heels look like Louboutin’s with red nail varnish. In fact if you want to redesign anything, my answer is always going to be nail varnish! It’s cheap, bright, and lasts a while. The best part is that it if you want to change the design you can use nail varnish remover to fade the colour and paint over.

Painting your heels with nail polish keeps them on trend and in style!Pro tip: Clean with rubbing alcohol and use white nail varnish to make the colour pop!

Skill: Easyish – especially if you have a steady hand.

4. A Real Corker Of A Board
Sticking corks on to a board can make a great memo board for your kitchen
This home improvement tip is probably going to be my new excuse to increase my Prosecco intake! If you have an old picture frame lying about unused and you’re willing to save your wine corks (drink responsibly), this will add a rustic French countryside vineyard look to your kitchen. If you can remove the glass from your picture frame safely so the back is exposed, that’s perfect. However if the glass plate is fixed in place, don’t worry you can still do this! Paint over your frame so the shine of the glass/wood doesn’t show through. Wait for the paint to dry and gather your corks together. Arrange them so they fit well, which is a lot easier said than done! If it’s your first try then don’t have a go at crazy patterns just yet, aim to make neat-ish rows. After you’ve got your order sorted, grab your craft glue or hot glue gun and start sticking! Leave over night to dry and you have your very own home made ‘cork’ board! Pin up your memos to organised throughout the day or add some favourite photos for nostalgia!

Pro tip: Leave the paint and glue to dry, don’t be impatient!

Skill: Fairly difficult – purely because the corks will be tricky to align.

5. Mark Your Mug
Personalise your mug with a sharpie and bake your cup so it lasts forever
Whether you’re looking for a cute personalised party favour or if you just want to tell the world exactly how you like your tea, this is the home hack you’ve been waiting for! Grab a permanent marker and a porcelain mug that you don’t mind altering forever. Draw on your design using your marker pen and bake the mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove the cup with an oven glove when baked and let it cool. The brilliance of this home crafting tip is that you can do anything you want from his and hers mugs to writing your very specific mug cake recipe!

Pro tip: Don’t put it in the dish washer, the design stays if you handwash only!

Skill: Unbelievably simple!

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