5 Egg-cellent Ideas To Crack Easter

5 Egg-cellent Ideas To Crack Easter

Chocolate egg day is almost here! Hopping over to an Easter party but don’t know what to bring? Or maybe you’re stuck for entertaining the kids over the holidays? Never fear, you’ll crack Easter with these egg-squisite (I couldn’t resist) ideas that are perfect for parents on a budget.

  1. Bake those bunnies.

Baking Easter bunny biscuits on a budget

Everyone loves homemade baking and nothing says Easter like bunny biscuits. They're cheap to make and best of all you won’t need to be Mary Berry to make these tasty treats.
All you need is:

  • 4 tbsps of flour
  • 1 tbsps of maple syrup
  • 1 ½ tbsps of sugar
  • A handful (or two) of oats
  • A splash of milk
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon
  • 1 tbsps of your chosen butter, margarine or equivalent spread

Sift the flour in to a bowl and mix all of your dry ingredients together.  Take your wet ingredients in a pot and turn up the heat so they melt together in to sumptuous sugary syrup. Stir it thoroughly to keep it smooth. This will be your coating and what holds the biscuits together. Your mixture won’t look like there’s enough but it’ll surprise you by spreading well. Switch off the hob and mix all the ingredients together until they made your crumbly, oaty dough. Grease your pan or grab some baking paper and start making those cookie shapes! You can use a cookie cutter or have fun moulding them with your hands, it’s a pretty pliable mixture so get stuck in! Bake until golden brown and let them cool before tasting. If you want to add more ingredients like raisins, chocolate chips, or even grated apple, go for it!

  1. Build those bonnets!

Build an Easter bonnet cheaply with Poundstretcher

This is random tradition that originates from people wearing new clothes to mark the renewal of the year during Easter. Then Irving Berlin wrote a catchy song about New York’s famous Easter parade mentioning bonnets and voila, hats became an Easter thing! Keep the kids occupied by unleashing their creativity with crafts. The best part about making a bonnet is that you can use anything from paper plates to an old head band. As long as you’ve got a great base so it rests on your head, you’re good to go! Stock up on PVA glue, stationary, stick on goggle eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and glitter to help your youngster with their creative vision. After all, they could be the next Phillip Treacey! When the bonnet has been built, why not make your own Easter parade at home and see who wins best dressed? Let the lounge be your catwalk!

  1. Easter Party Favours

Make an Easter gift with a jar and some sweets

Easter gifts shouldn’t have to fry your bank account. The holiday is about new beginnings and welcoming the new Spring season, so if you’re on a budget you can still make some sweet little gifts. Gather up your arts and craft gear like pens, paints, and ribbons to decorate a little jar to fill with sweets. An elegant way of jazzing it up would be to tie a ribbon around the opening or fashion some garment buttons in to a pattern on the glass or lid. This might be a lovely gift for the grandparents if you get the kids involved with craft pens that can draw on glass so they can treasure these memories forever.

  1. Egg And Spoon Race

Decorate eggs for an egg and spoon race for Easter

All you need for this is some hard boiled eggs and wooden spoons for this classic past time. Gather the kids to decorate their eggs and spoons with their own patterns using paints, felt tip pens, and plenty of glitter (of course). Then prepare for the race. A great way of spicing up the game is to make it an egg and spoon relay by adding parents in to the mix. Just watch out that no one is cheating!

  1. And finally, hunt for those eggs!

Find all the eggs on an Easter egg hunt with Poundstretcher's Cadbury Creme Eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter unless everyone was running around the garden looking for eggs. So grab some chocolates and treats to sprinkle around the garden without the kids seeing. Make sure you also have an extra special (and much bigger) golden egg to hide in a difficult place. The person who covets the golden egg is the winner! You could make it more interesting by organising teams to hunt for the eggs using masks made by the kids. The possibilities with this are endless, and the best thing about it is that thanks to the chocolate everyone is a winner!

With these handy tips, you're sure to have an egg-citing Easter (last pun, I promise)! So visit us instore now to gather all you Easter essentials from like sweets, kids stationary and craft kits. You can find your local Poundstretcher here.

Happy Easter From Poundstretcher