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  • Top 5 Ways to Stay Snuggly and Warm this Winter

    Stay Snuggly and Warm This Winter

    We all tend to have a love / hate relationship with Winter. I mean, I know I do. We adore the beauty of the snow, the sparkle of the ice and that feeling of satisfaction when we’re cosy and warm at home. That’s not the reason that we find the winter so difficult to handle though, it’s that the cold can be brutal to our body as well as to our finances.

    So as your Poundstretcher fairy godmother this nippy season, I’m here to help you keep warm this winter without breaking the bank. Let’s be honest, Christmas presents have broken your budget enough this month!


    Halogen Heater - £16.99

    If you don’t already have one of these lightweight portable delights then you are missing out, trust me. With three different heat settings (400w, 800w and 1200w) and the choice to have the heater spin 70 degrees or stay still, you’ll be able to heat up a whole room in a way that is just right for you and your family.


    Thermal Socks – from £2.99 

    If you’re anything like me, then you will suffer from major cold feet. It’s partly down to having bad circulation and partly down to the fact that normal cotton socks just aren’t thick enough to keep my toesies warm. What I find combats this, is investing in some decent thermal socks like the ones linked here. This is because they are insulated so that they trap heat in and their thickness is also a 2.3 in tog rating. Don’t worry, there are a range of colours to suit both men and women!


    Mink Throw – from £9.99

    I don’t know about you but I am absolutely crazy for bed throws, and these Mink Throws from Poundstretcher are no exception. What I love about them is that they leave your bed looking sophisticated and luxurious during the day, and then keep you cosy as either a blanket or an extra cover at night. I mean, talk about versatile! Plus if that isn’t enough to sway you, then maybe the fact that the faux fur is soft to the touch and comes in a range of different colours to suit any bedroom setting, will.


    Coloroll Electric Under Blanket – from £14.99 

    When it comes to clambering into bed on a night, do you brace yourself for the Arctic chill that comes with it? Yeah? Me too. Believe it or not however, this can all be fixed just ten minutes before you climb into bed with one of these electric blankets. With two heat settings, you can decide how warm you’d like your bed to be before you climb in and snuggle up into it. You’d also be happy to hear that it has overheat protection AND is compatible with single, double and kingsize beds too.


    Hot Drinks – from £1.00

    This is probably the most obvious, and the thing most frequently thought about, but drinking hot drinks in winter time really is a great way to stay toasty. At Poundstretcher we have a huge array of hot drinks ranging from tea and coffee to hot chocolate and malt drinks, so unless you don’t like warm drinks in general there’s plenty of options to choose from.

    So whether you've just found out that your heating is on the blink again for the third time this year or you just really want to keep costs low this Christmas, Poundstretcher is definitely the place to shop for all your cheap winter warmers this season.

    -Your Poundstretcher Fairy Godmother AKA Rachel Hailes

  • Poundstretcher Shatterproof Baubles

    Shatterproof Baubles

    With Christmas quickly approaching it can be difficult to keep track of everything you have to do. The tree needs getting out from the loft and putting up, the house needs plenty of decorating and you need to make sure you have time to buy all your presents for your friends and family. Christmas can be hectic, especially decorating the house and the tree, and keeping it that way.

    Between the kids running about the place and the pets pouncing on the Christmas tree decorations it can begin to take its toll on your decorations. Christmas tree baubles are beautiful but fragile, and all too often they can end up smashing or shattering after an accident. Not only can this leave your tree looking bare but can leave a lot of mess which can be difficult to clean up. For baubles that not only look great but that can also survive the wear and tear of a busy household Poundstretcher’s shatterproof baubles are the perfect solution.

    These beautiful baubles come in packs of 12 and are available in a range of colours to suite any colour scheme, there are three different designs in each pack, from glittery to embossed with stars.

    Click here to see the Poundstretcher Christmas leaflet.

    -Blake Horricks

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