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  • Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas from Poundstretcher

    Most of us struggle to keep our bathrooms clutter-free- and let’s face it, storing household essentials such as bleach and toilet paper doesn’t always look attractive. With Poundstretcher though, there is another way: with a little creativity, we show you how to use our storage items –from cheap plastic storage boxes to items of bathroom furniture- to creative attractive bathroom storage for your home on the cheap.

    1. Chrome Storage Trolley            

    The really great thing about this Chrome Storage Trolley is that it’s on casters- easy to wheel from one part of the bathroom to another for when you’re cleaning or reorganising. Use the trolley to store cleaning products, cosmetics, make up, soaps- even toilet paper. At just £6.99, it’s a great way to de clutter your bathroom at a bargain price.



    1. Seagrass Storage Tower

    The natural seagrass of its storage baskets makes this Seagrass Storage Tower look much more expensive than it actually is. For just £14.99, this 60cm tall storage tower contains 5 drawers: enough space and more for storage jars filled with cosmetics and make-up brushes, or other soaps and toiletries, keeping your surfaces clear.


    seagrass hamper

    1. Willow Laundry Basket Set

    With 7 natural willow storage boxes included for the bargain price of £41.99, you’ll have somewhere to store all your bathroom linens, as well as laundry, toiletries, and cosmetics. In a small space, the willow storage baskets can be affixed to the wall to hold rolled-up towels within easy reach (and take up zero floor space).


    willow laundry basket set

    1. Bathroom Storage Tower

     A steal at just £9.99, this bathroom storage tower can be easily placed in a corner by the bath or shower to hold soaps, shower gels and shampoos. Keep the sides of the bath and the sink clutter-free (and cleaner) without hundreds of bottles lined up on them! Cotton wool balls in cute storage jars, make up removal wipes, bath bombs and other toiletries can easily be stored here, too.


    bathroom storage tower

    5. Tribeca Bathroom Unit

    In a small space, the first rule for storage is to add height. This Bathroom Storage Unit looks modern and pretty in fresh cream, with the cupboard below perfect for less attractive bathroom essentials. The shelves are ideal for linens and towels within easy reach, too.

    tribeca bathroom unit

    1. Wide Weave Mini Storage Boxes

    Available in a choice of colours, these Wide Weave Mini Storage Boxes offer great value at £2.99 each, or two for £5. The woven material is water resistant, and the boxes can be mixed and matched for a fresh pop of colour- toiletries can even be divided with each family member having their own box. Stack on top of bathroom units or in cupboards for instant de-cluttering.


  • The Perfect Summer Barbecue

    Summer is almost upon us, and national barbecue week has arrived. In great British tradition, many of us are sure to be out in the garden trying to get the barbecue going before the rain comes back.

    It's easy to get barbecues wrong – so much so that some people claim it's a British tradition. struggling with a lukewarm barbecue grill and wondering whether the burgers are finally cooked is hardly the stuff that great social events are made of. A few simple steps will help you put together the perfect barbecue this summer.

    The Perfect Summer Barbecue

    Get the Right Barbecue

    For the perfect summer barbecue you need to get, well, the perfect barbecue grill. For back garden barbecues, Poundstretcher have an ideal yet very affordable solution. The Kettle Style BBQ Grill is compact enough to be easily stored when not in use, yet offers a spacious grill with room for plenty of food. Kettle barbecues are a great choice because they offer a number of useful features over their more basic cousins. These include a removable lid and air vents, helping you better regulate temperatures for perfect cooking.

    Others prefer to hold barbecues outdoors in local parks, woodlands or other spots of natural beauty. For these sorts of occasions, Poundstretcher sell a compact and lightweight portable barbecue. It folds down to a handy backpack-ready size when you want to carry it, then unfolds into a fully functioning charcoal barbecue grill.

    Useful Utensils

    Like so many of life's challenges, staging the perfect summer barbecue requires the right tools for the job. Utensils may seem like a minor detail, but they actually play a crucial role in making the barbecue run smoothly. If you lack a good spatula or pair of tongs, for example, you may find you struggle with the simple task of flipping your food without it disappearing sideways through the gaps in the grill. A good, sturdy cooking fork, meanwhile, is useful for more than just spearing sausages and picking them onto plates. It can help you probe right into the centre of your bangers and burgers, making sure they are cooked through and will give your guests pleasure instead of food poisoning.

    If you don't have a good kit of specialist barbecue utensils, then you might want to add some to your Poundstretcher cart alongside your chosen barbeque. You have a choice of a basic, affordable yet functional set of value barbecue tools, or a higher-quality deluxe selection. There are also some useful specialist tools on offer such as a broiler for quick, easy flipping. While you're at it, you might also want to pick up some wooden or metal skewers, which make for a nice way to serve vegetables, diced meat or even marshmallows ready for toasting over the still-glowing barbecue once the main dishes have all been happily eaten up.

    Click here to shop the full range of barbecue available Poundstretcher

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