Garden Fencing Solutions at Poundstretcher

No matter what your dreams for your garden, whether you want to create an English country cottage feel, or you’re working with limited space in an urban area, the right garden fencing will help to create the perfect look.

Garden Fencing

Traditional Picket Fence
For a traditional, well-manicured look for your garden, you might want to consider picket fencing. This pretty suburban style looks ordered and neat, making for immaculate flowerbeds and gardens, and looks great painted white (it’s also on offer here at Poundstretcher, with two fencing panels for just £10).

An English Country Garden
If you don’t like the existing garden fencing but can’t remove it because your property is rented or the fencing belongs to a neighbour, then garden screening could be a solution. The garden screening we sell at Poundstretcher is made of natural woods such as black fern or peeled reed, which is ideal for creating a cosy bower in your garden.

To create an English country garden aesthetic, you don’t want anything to be too tidy: think wild flowers, climbing roses, mosses, and a natural, untamed appearance. Add colourful flowers either in pots, or let them climb the fencing from the flowerbeds (a garden obelisk can also be a useful addition to your garden if you have climbing plants such as roses).

Fencing Solutions for All Types of Gardens
A simple modern planter with a willow trellis behind is a really elegant way to spruce up your garden with minimal cost and effort involved (it’s a good gardening solution for renters, too). A garden trellis can also work well to keep pets and kids off certain sections of the lawn, and can provide a sheltered place to grow flowers or small fruit trees. If you want to create a classic English look, both Tudor and Victorian garden fencing styles are also available, adding a polished, finished appearance to your garden that’s easy to maintain.

Making the Most of a Small Space
Many of us, particularly if we live in built-up urban areas, might not have the luxury of a palatial garden space. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t enjoy what we do have, though. Add to your privacy in an overlooked space with garden screening, and demarcate areas of the garden with some lawn edging. Natural bamboo lawn edging can be the perfect way to define your flowerbeds, and cheap garden accessories such as our barrel planter can sit either on lawns or patios. Even confined areas can feel cosy and welcoming with the right outdoor furniture, too, so check out our garden table and chairs options.

Perfect Garden Accessories
We also stock a range of fabulous garden accessories such as this cast iron chimnea, which is not only a pleasing way to keep warm outside, but a quality piece of garden furniture at a really great price. To finish your garden décor off perfectly, why not add some solar lights? With solar fairy lights, solar lanterns, and even solar topiary balls available, you can make your garden look magical this summer on even a very limited budget, thanks to Poundstretcher.