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  • How to plant the perfect hanging baskets

    Now that the warmer weather is on its way, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about brightening up the outside of your home with some fragrant and colourful hanging baskets . They are the ideal way to create an attractive display, however limited your outdoor space or your gardening experience.

    hanging basket

    There are several different styles of hanging baskets to choose from - usually made from wire or wicker. The basket will need to be lined to keep the compost and moisture contained - typically with sphagnum moss. Alternatively, you could go for a purpose-made option which will also hopefully last for several seasons.

    The most commonly seen plants in hanging baskets are, of course, spring and summer bedding plants, but many gardeners opt for evergreen shrubs, herbs or even fruits such as tomatoes and strawberries. In fact, you could use more or less any plant, as long as you ensure that the basket is big enough.

    To create your hanging basket, the first step is to add the liner and then half-fill with compost. A slow-release fertiliser can be added to help keep the plants healthy. Trailing plants should then be pushed through the liner on the sides of the basket, and the rest of your plants can be placed in the top.

    Compost should then be packed around the roots and the whole thing watered well. All this should be done in the late spring if you are going for a display of summer bedding plants, or early autumn for a winter or spring display.

    All that remains is to feed and water your hanging baskets regularly. They will need watering twice a day if possible in the hot summer weather. Your plants will also benefit from regular liquid feeds and deadheading every week or so.

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  • Garden Fencing Solutions at Poundstretcher

    No matter what your dreams for your garden, whether you want to create an English country cottage feel, or you’re working with limited space in an urban area, the right garden fencing will help to create the perfect look.

    Garden Fencing

    Traditional Picket Fence
    For a traditional, well-manicured look for your garden, you might want to consider picket fencing. This pretty suburban style looks ordered and neat, making for immaculate flowerbeds and gardens, and looks great painted white (it’s also on offer here at Poundstretcher, with two fencing panels for just £10).

    An English Country Garden
    If you don’t like the existing garden fencing but can’t remove it because your property is rented or the fencing belongs to a neighbour, then garden screening could be a solution. The garden screening we sell at Poundstretcher is made of natural woods such as black fern or peeled reed, which is ideal for creating a cosy bower in your garden.

    To create an English country garden aesthetic, you don’t want anything to be too tidy: think wild flowers, climbing roses, mosses, and a natural, untamed appearance. Add colourful flowers either in pots, or let them climb the fencing from the flowerbeds (a garden obelisk can also be a useful addition to your garden if you have climbing plants such as roses).

    Fencing Solutions for All Types of Gardens
    A simple modern planter with a willow trellis behind is a really elegant way to spruce up your garden with minimal cost and effort involved (it’s a good gardening solution for renters, too). A garden trellis can also work well to keep pets and kids off certain sections of the lawn, and can provide a sheltered place to grow flowers or small fruit trees. If you want to create a classic English look, both Tudor and Victorian garden fencing styles are also available, adding a polished, finished appearance to your garden that’s easy to maintain.

    Making the Most of a Small Space
    Many of us, particularly if we live in built-up urban areas, might not have the luxury of a palatial garden space. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t enjoy what we do have, though. Add to your privacy in an overlooked space with garden screening, and demarcate areas of the garden with some lawn edging. Natural bamboo lawn edging can be the perfect way to define your flowerbeds, and cheap garden accessories such as our barrel planter can sit either on lawns or patios. Even confined areas can feel cosy and welcoming with the right outdoor furniture, too, so check out our garden table and chairs options.

    Perfect Garden Accessories
    We also stock a range of fabulous garden accessories such as this cast iron chimnea, which is not only a pleasing way to keep warm outside, but a quality piece of garden furniture at a really great price. To finish your garden décor off perfectly, why not add some solar lights? With solar fairy lights, solar lanterns, and even solar topiary balls available, you can make your garden look magical this summer on even a very limited budget, thanks to Poundstretcher.

  • Garden furniture buying guide

    Here at Poundstretcher, we stock top quality garden furniture in all sorts of styles. With so many different options available, you want to be sure you choose the best to suit your needs and your garden décor.

    Here’s a quick guide to some of the different types available to help you with your decision….

    Garden Furniture

    Wooden garden furniture will give your outdoor space a warm, traditional look.

    As well as its natural appearance, wooden furniture is great because it won’t hold the sun’s heat in the same way that metal and plastic furniture will – ideal for making the most of your garden when the summer weather comes along.

    Top Tip: All our wooden benches are treated for immediate outside use, but by using special oils and sealants you can add years to its lifespan.

    Rattan is a palm-like material that has been woven together. For rattan garden furniture, it tends to be woven round a more solid frame, giving chairs, tables and benches a modern look that is ideal for everyday use.

    Synthetic rattan furniture is very popular for use in the garden because it creates a stylish look that is resistant to the weather. By simply adding a few cushions you can create a style that is effortless, elegant and comfortable.

    Wicker is a hard fibre that is woven together. It can be used for making baskets, but it also great for furniture, bringing a natural, earthy look to your garden décor.

    Outdoor wicker furniture tends to be made from synthetic fibres so it can withstand the elements. These are often cheaper than natural fibre wicker furniture, such as cane and bamboo.

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  • Greenhouse guide for beginners

    To create a warm environment to help your plants and vegetables survive the unpredictable British weather, you do not have to build an expensive, permanent greenhouse structure.

    Metal-framed greenhouses are an option, but for beginners simply putting planters in a sunny spot in your garden can be a more cost-effective way of realising your green-fingered ambitions.
    If you’re looking to invest in a greenhouse this spring, we've put together some top tips to choosing the best option for you…


    Types of greenhouses

    Walk-in: The traditional, freestanding style. Our heavy-duty walk in greenhouse has a plastic frame and cover that is easy to assemble.

    Mini: Essentially a smaller version of a walk-in that can fit easily in the corner of your garden. Our pop up greenhouse  is popular because it is so simple to put up and store away.

    Shelving style: A taller unit that has a low profile and can accommodate multiple shelves is ideal for growing fruit and veg. These are less intrusive and can fit neatly against a wall in your garden or yard. Our HD tomato greenhouse is a perfect place to give tomatoes a head start without sacrificing too much space.

    What to grow

    Greenhouses and planters will allow you to extend the growing season in to the winter months. Additional warmth is most useful when you are starting your plants off – this is when they are most vulnerable. Controlling the environment will help them develop healthily. You simply have to ensure the soil is deep enough (so it won’t dry out) and the plants are not too cramped together (so they have space to grow).

    Tomatoes, peppers, salad leaves and cucumbers will thrive in planters. Other vegetables, such as courgettes, will benefit from the warm environment when they are first planted, encouraging healthy growth and healthy yields.


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