How to make the perfect pancake

With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to master creating the perfect pancake!pancake poundstretcher

Before you get started, you'll need some basic kitchen equipment. We suggest picking up a measuring jug, sieve and whisk will help you prepare the batter, while a good non-stick frying pan is essential for flipping the perfect pancake - all which can be picked up here at Poundstretcher for just a few pounds.

Basic pancake batter recipe

  • 100g Plain flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • Two Eggs
  • 300ml Semi-skimmed milk
  • Tablespoon of oil or melted butter

Begin by sifting 100g plain flour and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre then whisk in two eggs. Gradually whisk in 300ml of semi-skimmed milk, as well as a tablespoon of oil or 30g of melted butter. Keep whisking until you have a smooth batter. If you like, you can leave this to rest for half an hour in the fridge before you begin to cook the pancakes.

Place the frying pan over a moderate heat and add the oil or butter. Remember that too much oil will make your pancakes greasy so just wipe the inside with some oiled kitchen paper. Pour the batter into a jug or use a ladle to spoon some of the mixture into your pan. Place the batter in the centre of the pan, then tilt and swirl it to spread this into a thin, even layer.

Once the pancake is golden on the base; carefully loosen it with a fish slice and flip over to cook the other side. Good Luck!

Pancake Toppings

Lemon and sugar is a classic combination, but why not try something a little different, chocolate spread and sliced banana is a tasty and filling option.

Transform your pancakes by adding some chopped nuts or even some ice cream for a super-sweet treat or for a slightly healthier option, soft fruit such as sliced strawberries, raspberries and blueberries taste great with a dollop of yoghurt or creme fraiche.

If you’re not sure what pancake topping to try? Take the fun Poundstretcher quiz to find out which pancake flavour best describes you!

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Pancake Fun
Once you have mastered the basics; why not get a bit more creative by having a go at some pancake art.

Animals, funny faces and even your favourite Disney characters can all be created by using the batter in different ways. To make a basic outline, add some cocoa powder to your batter, then use a paintbrush to paint your chosen shape onto a cold pan. Gradually turn the heat up and fill in the spaces with lighter batter applied from a squeezy plastic bottle to create your own designs.

We love this cute Olaf pancake from the Disney film Frozen!

For more tasty tips, popular mummy blogger “Along Came Cherry” has kindly shared her favourite recipes and for Pancake Day (and images used in this blog post), all using Poundstretcher products! Click here to read her great pancake blog post.

What are your favourite pancake recipes? Do you have any top tips for creating the perfect pancake? Share your thoughts with the team today on the Poundstretcher Facebook!