5 Easy ways to organise your wardrobe for 2015

The January sales are here, which can only mean more wardrobe space is required!!

January is the perfect time to have a big reshuffle of your clothes for the New Year ahead and let go of those unwanted items you have stored away at the back of your wardrobe for a 'rainy day'.

Here are our top 5 top tips for de-cluttering your wardrobe for 2015...

wardrobe storage

1. Throw out old clothes
The first thing to do is get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear and the new year is a perfect time for a big clear out.

Donating old clothes to your local charity shop is a great way to help others out at the same time as de-cluttering your space. There are also a number of options including eBay & Gumtree which are a great way of making some extra cash.

Deciding which clothes to get rid of is easy when you know how: if you have not worn an item in over two years, it needs to go - you have to be ruthless if you want to get organised!

2. Organise your storage
Sometimes all that is needed is to rearrange or invest in some new storage solutions to get organised. A few under-bed storage boxes can hold a lot of items, such as jumpers and shoes.

Storage boxes are also a great idea for organising clothes and accessories by season. Pack away your summer dresses and bikinis to leave more space in your wardrobe for winter woollies during the cold months.

A good solution is to use slim hangers in your wardrobe to give extra space, while 'over the door' organisers can also be a clever way of adding more storage in a small space.

3. Cleverly use shelf space and boxes
For items that do not get creased, it is important to make use of the space on your shelves, whether in cupboards or wardrobes.

Jumpers, scarves and shawls could be stored in stylish wicker hampers for useful and attractive storage solutions that can add to the look and feel of your room. Jeans too are key items that can easily be packed easily in hampers.

4. Organise everything
Good organisation can save a lot of space and also time when you’re looking for something to wear each morning!

Hang dresses by day/night, length or colour, whichever works for you. Special dresses can be stored in hanging dress bags to keep them protected and in top condition. All items should be hung or folded carefully to avoid marks. The more you can hang the better as this makes everything easier to see the choices available.

5. Don't forget jewellery
Although jewellery does not take up as much space as other larger clothes such as coats and jeans, it can still add to the clutter. Use stylish jewellery boxes or door hangers to organise jewellery by type, preventing necklaces from tangling and also making them easier to see!

Do you have any top tips for organising your wardrobe space this January?
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