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  • Thank you for our most successful Christmas ever!

    The team at Poundstretcher would like to thank our fantastic customers for our “most successful Christmas ever!”!


    We recently saw sales jump 10% in the five weeks to 30 December, with over 7 million shoppers visiting our stores over the festive season.

    Ian York, Poundstretcher’s managing director said “We presented products in store a lot better than in previous years and we are bringing in extra footfall with our food and toiletries offering. We've got smashing offers that drive people into stores and then we pick up incremental sales.”

    Our popular Christmas ranges included everything from family biscuits to Christmas trees and lights, as well as a huge selection of stocking fillers and children’s toys at budget prices, which where extremely popular with our customers.

    With 9 new stores also opening on the run up to Christmas, the Poundstretcher brand has now expanded to 409 stores across the UK, with a further 90 stores set to open nationwide within the next 18 months.

    We’re looking forward to further success in 2015 and thanks again to all our customers for their support!

  • 5 Easy ways to organise your wardrobe for 2015

    The January sales are here, which can only mean more wardrobe space is required!!

    January is the perfect time to have a big reshuffle of your clothes for the New Year ahead and let go of those unwanted items you have stored away at the back of your wardrobe for a 'rainy day'.

    Here are our top 5 top tips for de-cluttering your wardrobe for 2015...

    wardrobe storage

    1. Throw out old clothes
    The first thing to do is get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear and the new year is a perfect time for a big clear out.

    Donating old clothes to your local charity shop is a great way to help others out at the same time as de-cluttering your space. There are also a number of options including eBay & Gumtree which are a great way of making some extra cash.

    Deciding which clothes to get rid of is easy when you know how: if you have not worn an item in over two years, it needs to go - you have to be ruthless if you want to get organised!

    2. Organise your storage
    Sometimes all that is needed is to rearrange or invest in some new storage solutions to get organised. A few under-bed storage boxes can hold a lot of items, such as jumpers and shoes.

    Storage boxes are also a great idea for organising clothes and accessories by season. Pack away your summer dresses and bikinis to leave more space in your wardrobe for winter woollies during the cold months.

    A good solution is to use slim hangers in your wardrobe to give extra space, while 'over the door' organisers can also be a clever way of adding more storage in a small space.

    3. Cleverly use shelf space and boxes
    For items that do not get creased, it is important to make use of the space on your shelves, whether in cupboards or wardrobes.

    Jumpers, scarves and shawls could be stored in stylish wicker hampers for useful and attractive storage solutions that can add to the look and feel of your room. Jeans too are key items that can easily be packed easily in hampers.

    4. Organise everything
    Good organisation can save a lot of space and also time when you’re looking for something to wear each morning!

    Hang dresses by day/night, length or colour, whichever works for you. Special dresses can be stored in hanging dress bags to keep them protected and in top condition. All items should be hung or folded carefully to avoid marks. The more you can hang the better as this makes everything easier to see the choices available.

    5. Don't forget jewellery
    Although jewellery does not take up as much space as other larger clothes such as coats and jeans, it can still add to the clutter. Use stylish jewellery boxes or door hangers to organise jewellery by type, preventing necklaces from tangling and also making them easier to see!

    Do you have any top tips for organising your wardrobe space this January?
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  • Keeping warm this January: From electric heaters to winter onesies

    If you’re feeling the chill of cold January weather, the team here at Poundstretcher have carefully selected a range of products to help your feel warm and cosy, without breaking the bank!

    Here are some great ways to stay toasty from your fingertips down to your tippy-toes:


    Snuggle into a lovely warm bed
    From generously filled duvets to super soft fleeces and blankets, creating a cosy and inviting bedroom will enable a perfectly restful night sleep on cold winter nights. Heavy winter duvets with a high TOG ratings are an ideal choice for cold January nights.

    Why not top off your duvet with a beautifully patterned microfleece, the deep softness of a teddy throw, the natural warmth of cotton or the timeless style of a satin cover, transforming your bed into one of your favourite places to be. And for those who want to be extra cosy and warm, we recommend the Silentnight electric blanket to preheat your bed and help you drift to sleep.

    Winter onesies!
    With great patterns and cheerful colours to choose from this winter, why not stay snug and warm anywhere in the house in your very own onesie. Cosy on the outside, toasty on the inside; what more could any child or adult want?

    Portable Heating Solutions
    Mobile heaters are a great alternative and also economical heating solution when you don't want to switch on the whole central heating system.

    Most halogen heaters have an oscillating feature, spreading the warmth more quickly throughout the room. With, smart and discreet design, popular convection heaters are available in a range of styles and also utilises a built in thermostat to keep you on top of your budget.

    Atmospheric warmth
    Warm your home and yourself with all the above practical items and then relax into the cosines by enjoying the restful flicker of subtly scented room candles. Here at Poundstretcher, we have a wide selection of candles available perfect to not only set the mood, but also provide a lovely room fragrance and help you relax.

    So light up the fire, put on the kettle and enjoy a warm & cosy home this winter!

  • 10 Top tips for storing away your Christmas decorations

    The festivities are over and its back to reality, which means one thing - it's time to take on the tedious challenge of taking down your Christmas tree and decorations!

    Storage is a problem for many, especially for delicate Christmas decorations, which is why it is important to look into simple and effective storage solutions that will help your save space and keep items organised and ready for unpacking next year!

    To help, the team here at Poundstretcher have put together 10 tops tips for storing away your Christmas decorations, helping you keep items safe and organised until December 2015 rolls around.....

    Christmas Decorations Poundstretcher

    1. Cartons for small baubles
    Why not use old egg cartons for storing delicate baubles from the Christmas tree. This keeps them safe inside cardboard nests, which you can then pack away in larger boxes, minimizing the chance of any baubles breaking.

    2. Old newspaper for safe wrapping and packing
    Another useful item is old newspaper, which can be used to wrap up each item before placing in larger boxes. This keeps them safer and free from any scratches.

    3. Plastic cups for large baubles
    Plastic cups are ideal for larger decorations and baubles. These can be used to keep items separated and organised. Place newspaper in the opening of the cup to keep the bauble safely secured inside.

    4. Under bed storage boxes
    Storing items under the bed is a great solution solution as is a safe, dry area that is rarely disturbed. Lidded storage boxes will keep decorations safe, dry and dust-free. 32 litre boxes are perfect for keeping smaller items organised and safe under the bed.

    5. Old belts for the tree
    Why not try using old belts to tightly hold together your artificial Christmas trees? This ensures a secure grip and makes the tree easy to store in tight spaces.

    6. Large storage boxes
    If you're looking to store your decorations away in the loft or shed, larger 80 litre boxes are the perfect solution, helping to protect from any moisture and damp that could damage your items.

    7. Shoe boxes for cards
    For those special Christmas cards you received in 2014, shoe boxes are a great way of keeping them packed safely and neatly. Shoe boxes are small enough to be easy to stored away, whilst also being the ideal size for keeping Christmas cards unfolded and organised.

    8. Fold flat storage crates
    Fold flat storage crates are a great way of saving space and protecting your decorations. Made from sturdy plastic, these crates have a capacity of up to 32 litres to hold a huge selection of decorations, and conveniently fold flat when not in use for easy storage.

    9. Save space with tinsel
    Why not try using tinsel to pad out your decorations and protect them from any scratches over the next 12 months.

    10. Old jars for Christmas tree lights
    Old jars such as coffee or sugar jars are the perfect storage solution for Christmas lights. Keep the lights neatly packed away, twirling the cord around as you pack it to ensure easy unpacking next time. Ensuring lights are stored neatly also helps to keep them in good condition for longer, as well as improving safety aswell as saving time untangling next year. If you have numerous different sets of lights, try using labels to clearly state the colours of the lights on each jar.

    Do you have any top tips for safely and effectively storing away your Christmas decorations?
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