Back to School Image

Whether you’re a university Fresher, going back for another year of college, or maybe a parent getting ready to send their little boy or girl to school, at Poundstretcher we’ve got all your ‘Back to School’ needs covered!

From notebooks and pens, to colourful calendars and organisers which you can use to write down your timetable and any other key academic events, at Poundstretcher we provide a wide variety of school essentials fit for all ages, available at friendly price tags in our over 400 stores across the UK.

Going back to college or university can also mean moving into new accommodation, which often requires stocking up on all sorts of home essentials, such as bedding or even furniture in some cases. At Poundstretcher you’ll discover an entire range of bedroom accessories, including snuggly pillows, beautiful duvet sets or comfortable memory foam mattress topers, so you can enjoy restful nights of sleep to help you perform better at school, college or university.

You’re also going to need some storage products, to help you organise your belonging and neatly store everything, so you can enjoy more space in your room. We all know how fast paperwork, notepads and school books can pile up! Poundstretcher’s range of storage boxes, baskets and other handy products will certainly make your life easier and with prices starting as low as £0.79 they won’t be too ‘heavy’ on your wallet either.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget about lunch break! If you’re preparing a packed lunch for your young ones to take with them at school, you’ll certainly need to have some lunch boxes and other food storage items at hand. We’ve got a comprehensive paper and food storage range where you can easily find exactly what you need.

So, if you have your shopping list ready, all you need to do now is pop into one of our +400 UK stores and buy everything you need without going over budget – all due to Poundstretcher’s amazingly low prices that make your pounds STRETCH. Find your closest Poundstretcher store with our useful store locator now!