From breaking a sweat at the gym to keeping your cool at work,  Poundstretcher’s amazing deodorant body sprays will let you handle the heat without creating a stink!

Get ‘Extra Control’ over your body odour with our incredible low prices on Sanex Extra Control Antiperspirant that’s made with odour fighting bio response technology. It’s a deodorant body spray that will keep you protected for up to 24 hours so it’s perfect for leading an active lifestyle on the go. Want to keep body odour at bay but don’t want to get those dreaded white powder marks on that little black dress? You’re in luck because Sanex has specially formulated deodorant body sprays that act as an invisible antiperspirant so you can look hot for a night on the town while keeping cool without sweating.

When you want to freshen up through the day, Poundstretcher’s incredible range of Impulse Body Sprays will keep you going! A wonderful selection of deodorant body sprays with a unique fragrance, you can pick your scent to reflect your mood from the popular purple Romantic Spark and Vanilla Kisses to refreshing Sweet Smile with hints of jasmine and pear. A brand that has long been a staple for every woman’s handbag from teens to twenty-somethings and beyond, you’re sure to find an Impulse fragrance to suit you from our incredible discount deodorant body spray range.

We all know it can be hard to find deodorant body sprays that keep you fully protected from day to night. Luckily Lynx will keep sweat at bay and help you stay smelling fresh during a lads night out. With so many scents available from their best-selling Africa and Apollo to Dry Temptation, it’s clear that Lynx fragrances are must-have deodorant body sprays for men who don’t have time to sweat over the little things.

In need of super strong protections from sweat and odour? Ladies, Sure has got you covered with their intense Cool Pink Antiperspirant  which is part of a unique range of deodorant body sprays that offer up to a whopping 48 hours protection! It’s perfect for festival season as well as the fitness  fans and gym bunnies out there!

Poundstretcher have tons of big brand deodorant body sprays at amazing value prices so you can keep making huge savings without sweating the small stuff!

If your skin is a little sensitive yet you still need the maximum 48 hour protection from our deodorant body sprays, you’re in luck! Poundstretcher’s selection of Dove Deodorant Body Sprays are just what you’re looking for! Made with 0% alcohol and infused with a nourishing moisturiser, our Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant is kind to your skin yet nasty to body odour and sweat.

So why not find your nearest store and begin your discount shopping adventure?